What is Cold Brew Coffee? guide, recipe & more

What is cold brew coffee
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We have dived deep into cold brew coffee. From What is cold brew coffee? to how it can be prepared, how it differs from iced coffee and how long does it lasts, all these points are a part of story. Let’s dig into the explanation to achieve the aim for what this article is about.

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What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Regardless of all other coffee drinks, cold brew is different in brew style and taste. The name is cold brew, but it doesn’t mean adding just some ice pieces in traditional coffee. There is a proper and unique method to prepare a cold brew (steeping coffee in water for several hours at cold temperature). Before going deep into the cold brew’s brewing process, let’s have a look at its past. Back in the 1600s, a city of Japan “Kyoto” was the origin where the formula of cold brew coffee was discovered; therefore, its first name was Kyoto. Starting was manual, to extract each flavor of the beans, but later on, some advanced machines were invented to deal with it on a large scale. After that, this tradition was spread worldwide through cultural exchanges and many other platforms. Within, last few years, cold brew has become the most popular drink and is listed on the menus of popular coffee cafes. Also, there are some advanced coffee makers available for brewing cold coffee, and even the best coffee grinders for cold brew are now part of the game.

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How to make Cold Brew Coffee?

What is a cold brew coffee? This so far clear till now. It’s time to check how to make it at home with perfect taste and flavor.

Here are the steps:

Grind beans (Coarsely)

Grind Coffee

Coffee beans for cold brew involve two choices. Whether you can buy pre-grind coarse beans from any famous coffee brand or grind them by yourself. If you are going to pick the second choice, you have to follow these steps. Take the beans and grind them with the coarsest setting of your grinder. Make sure you will not get the powder at the end; they must be in coarse form. And the quantity should be 1 cup at most.

Combine Coffee & Water

Combine Coffee and water

Once you are done with the grinding process, follow up on the next step (combining coffee and water). Add the coarse coffee into the container you have picked for brewing the cold coffee. And then pour the water. Stir it with the spoon to the time you are assured the grounds are saturated with water on the whole.

Steep Overnight

Store Cold Brew Coffee

The coffee has been saturated with water in a cold brew container; now it’s time to pack the top of the container with a lid; why? Have a look. To protect that container from dust and other particles. Now let the coffee steep for 12 hours. Note that; whether the container is in the refrigerator or on the tabletop, the steeping time should be the same.

Strain the Coffee

Strain the Coffee

After steeping the coffee, you need flour sackcloth with a strainer for the next step. Place the strainer over a cup with a flour sack cloth on top and pour the coffee into the cup. The cold coffee brewing process will now be complete within one more step.

Store it & Serve it

Once all the above steps are followed, keep the coffee in a bottle or container you have for it and store it in a fridge for over a week. At last, now your cold coffee is ready, add the milk or water as per your choice and enjoy the iced or warmed drink.

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What is the difference between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee?

Although the names matches a bit but actually cold brew and iced coffee are different drinks in taste and brew style; already discussed above. What actually iced coffee is, to add some ice cubes in regular coffee and that’s it, some other steps can also be followed for increase in its quality. Whereas, the cold brew coffee involves a long process to be brewed. Grinding beans coarsely, steeping, and more.

Why drink Cold Brew?

Picking one coffee’s drink from several others; its a personal choice. A regular coffee or espresso can’t be switch with cold coffee on the basis of advantages, but a taste’s preference can. Let’s have a look on some properties of cold brew coffee that might convince you for a sip.

  • Cold brew coffee is highly convenient; although the overall process is time consuming but the final steps are very easy; i.e. serving it in a cup.
  • Cold brew coffee is less acidic compared with other drinks.
  • More it holds all the benefits of hot coffee and is the best way to consume old beans.
  • Cold coffee can be prepared in large quantity in advance. So you can enjoy quick refreshing drink on busy mornings.

    How long does Cold Brew Coffee lasts?

    Coming towards the last point, you have been informed about what is cold brew coffee? How to make it? and its benefits. Now its time to discuss how long does cold brew coffee lasts. Once the cold coffee coffee is refrigerated it spends few days or a week. But keep in mind once the cold coffee is brewed and filtered store it in fridge in an airtight container, do not open the container frequently if not needed. More if it’s diluted with milk try to consume it as soon as possible. If you purchased the cold brew from store, first do check for what coffee is best for cold brew? Because the expiry depends on how it’s made and the date mentioned on the can.

    Final Words

    We have tried our best to explain each and every factor about cold brew coffee. Now you will be much clear about cold brew coffee and the important point that what is the difference between cold brew and regular coffee? Some steps are also mentioned to brew the cold coffee at home. So pick the points from above you want to know ! Good luck.

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