How To Use a Coffee Maker | Complete Guide

How To Use a Coffee Maker

We have millions of people worldwide who love to drink coffee daily, including the most populated countries like the united states of America, Canada, Australia, and many others. If you’re one of the few people who don’t know how to use a coffee maker, it’s going to be a whole new experience for you.

Whereas the steps mentioned in our guide can help you more than just making a basic cup of coffee with the coffee maker. That said, let’s proceed with the steps that are required to use a coffee machine efficiently. Whereas, from the use of the french press to an electric coffee maker, everything is discussed below.

How To Make a Cup of Coffee With an Electric coffee maker

Leveraging the coffee machine to make a cup of coffee is easier than it sounds. There are a few simple steps that you can follow and get the most out of a coffee machine.

Select the Right coffee

This is the central part where you can’t make any mistakes. Because with low-quality coffee, you might end up brewing the worst cup of coffee. Whereas a better option can make your morning special. Now it really depends on which type of coffee you like. You might be a strong coffee lover; if so, choosing coffee grounds from the companies like Death Wish would be a great choice. However, if it’s not the case, choosing from the Browny Ethiopia coffee grounds is much better, which doesn’t leave much of a bitter taste.

Place Filter in a Filter Basket

Placing the filters in the filter basket is the first thing that you have to do. Usually, some of the coffee makers offer their own filters within the package. If this is the case, then you’re good to go. Whereas you can also place it in any filter that you like. Usually, the paper filters would be much better; they extract more flavour from the coffee. Whereas, avoid using the cheap filters as it will ruin the cup of coffee big time.

Choose the Quantity of Coffee

Here it really depends on how much coffee you want to brew. Generally, it’s recommended to use 3 tablespoons of coffee to the filter for 9 ounces of water. The ratio of coffee may vary with the quantity of water. However, it’s highly recommended to check the balance manually when added up to a coffee maker to brew the coffee of your dreams. Yet, you have to consider these two simple points before making you perform the brewing process on the coffee maker.

Use Tablespoon

Never forget to use a tablespoon to filter the grounds with the coffee maker. Because with the less or high grounds ratio to water might give a coffee that you’d never be able to drink. Because it might end up either a stronger one or less flavoured.

Read instructions

Many blends come along with the instructions which can guide you through perfecting the coffee to water ratio. So, make sure you read and understand those instructions correctly without missing anything.

Measuring water

The beginners’ biggest mistake is that they pour water into the compartment directly, which is the worst thing to do to brew the coffee. Instead, you can measure the water with the help of a coffee pot which is clearly marked for the water levels and then pour the water into the coffee maker.

Start Brewing

Once you’re done with all the steps, it’s time to brew the cup of coffee with the drip coffee maker. Simply plug it into the nearer switch and press the start button, and the brewing processes will start. It may take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your coffee maker. Whereas, if there are other settings on the coffee machine, implement them too if you want to.

Pausing the coffee maker

Some coffee makers come with different options, which also include the pause feature. You can stop the brewing process before the coffee is fully brewed if you want to. However, it’s not recommended, leave the coffee maker to complete the coffee till the end, and it’s the right thing to do.

Clean Filters

In the case of mesh filters, throwing the coffee ground and washing the filter immediately after the brewing process completes is highly suggested. The only reason to do that is that if the grounds stay long on the filter, the coffees you brew in the future might end up much bitter than the previous cup of coffee. The filter was not cleaned, and the flavours and taste remained for long on the coffee maker filter.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Coffee

how to get the best cup of coffee and espresso

Grind Your Own Coffee Beans

Do you know that coffee has the property to absorb the odour pretty easily? This is the reason, most of the time, your brewed coffee taste strange when you buy old or not ideally stored ground coffee from the market. The solution to this is simple. Buying your favourite coffee beans from the market and grinding them on your own can give you the cup of coffee of your dreams. Whereas the reason for that is when the inner of the coffee beans are not exposed to the outer environment. When you grind them, you get fresh ground that has no adverse effect on the taste of the coffee. However, you have to store the grounds ideally by packing them tightly and keeping them in a cold environment.

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Clean the Coffee Maker Properly

Cleaning the coffee maker before brewing a fresh cup of coffee is the essential thing to perform to get the most out of the coffee. You might have noticed a used coffee maker with some odour or particles on it when not cleaned for long. When the coffee brewing process gets finished, you’re going to hate that coffee because of its terrible taste with such a coffee machine. So double-check the coffee machine before going any further.

Coffee Grinds For Different Brew Machines

  • Usually for drip coffee makers, it’s highly recommended to use the medium grind coffee in order get more flavors.
  • For French press Try to get the thicker grounds in order to get the optimum flavor in your coffee.

The Correct Temperature for Brewing

It actually depends on which type of coffee you’re brewing. In fact, a regular cup of coffee is easy to make. All you have to do is make sure to heat up the water near the boiling point ranging from 91-96 degrees centigrade). However, if the water hits the boiling point, make sure you wait for the water for at least one minute before pouring it on the grounded coffee. You can do the same for making espresso. However, if the coffee grounds are stored in the refrigerator, wait for the temperature to rise to room temperature and then pour the water on the beans to make the espresso of your dreams. It’s all because the espresso doesn’t need much water, and the cold beans might affect the brewing process.


These were those steps that you can use to leverage your coffee maker to the fullest, and we hope it’s now clear to you how to use a coffee machine. It’s not that difficult if you have read our complete guide on using a coffee maker. Do let us know about your other problems regarding the coffee maker down in the comment box. We’ll surely solve that problem for you in no time.

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