Bonavita BV 1900TS Coffee Maker Review: (8-Cup One Touch)

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PROS: One touch operation, pre-infusion, optimal brewing temperature
Not programmable, occupies space

Bonavita BV 1900TS Review

Bonavita BV 1900TS Coffee Brewer has been one of the most stylish and simple to use coffee makers for years now. It is very basic, has a neat design which would fit anywhere no matter home or office, and really brews a nice cup of coffee at the optimal temperature. The price of it lies in the mid-range, you will find some coffee makers which are way too expensive and some are very cheap. But this one here costs more or less 150 bucks which makes it one good coffee maker to have at your place. What does it return for 150 bucks you put in it? That we will be discussing below. You will definitely love why it is SCAA approved.

Bonavita BV 1900TS Review & Features

Brew Time6 Minutes
Brew Temperature190°F – 201°F
CarafeThermal (Stainless Steel)


Speaking of the design, Bonavita 1900TS is a very simple coffee maker. All it has is a water reservoir, a thermal stainless steel carafe, a filter basket and just a single button to operate it. Apart from its filter basket and cover lid for water reservoir, everything else is made of stainless steel. This makes it a durable one and will surely keep you happy for many years to come.

As you can see, the shape of it is like two cylinders put together. One side is all the electronic stuff and the machinery, on top of which is the water reservoir. The other side has the shower-head below where you will be placing your thermal carafe. The filter basket can be placed on the thermal carafe or you can just slide it in between the lots on the lower side of the shower-head, by doing so you can easily remove the carafe or anything below it.

The water reservoir is transparent and has markings on it so you can know how much water you have added. Full capacity for it is 8 cups, each of which would be 5 ounces. This means you can add a total of 40 ounces of water into it. So yes, Bonavita 1900TS is an 8-cup coffee brewer. You can always invite your guests and present them tasty coffee while you chat over something. Moreover, the filter basket is a huge one. It gives enough space for the paper filters to placed nicely and also enough space for the coffee grounds to bloom properly, this gives your coffee more rich taste.

The wide shower-head of this coffee maker evenly sprays water on your coffee grounds in the filter basket. And not to forget, a hot plate rests below the carafe area which keeps your coffee hot for a longer time. Besides, even if the plate is not turn ON, the thermal carafe itself is capable of keeping your coffee warm for hours.

Bonavita BV 1900TS Design

Features & How to Use

Alright, Bonavita 1900TS Coffee Maker is a very basic brewer. It does not have features like programming and brew strength or temperature control etc. But this does not mean that it is completely featureless. It has everything in it which is supposed to get you a nice cup of coffee but the coffee maker does everything automatically and won’t need your intervention. Let’s have a look at how and what it does to brew a nice cup of coffee.

One-Touch & Pre-Infusion

Bonavita BV 1900TS just has one button and that’s it. It does two things, it is used for both pre-infusion and brewing your coffee. It’s a very nice feature in this coffee brewer, you’ll have to keep the power button pressed for 5 seconds and the pre-infusion will turn ON. This feature, allows the shower-head to spray a small amount of water onto the coffee grounds and wets them. This gives a richer taste to your coffee. Then you just have to press the button once and the brewing process will start.

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Cleaning this coffee maker is one of the easiest things to do. All that gets dirty is the carafe and filter basket. Both these are easily removable and easy to clean. Just make sure not to let the filter basket get dry for longer which can become a problem later. Clean it as soon as you are done with brewing or immediately after taking your coffee.

Brewing Temperature

The temperature of the water sprayed from the above gets as high as 200°F which is amazing. It’s one of the things based on which SCAA approves the Bonavita BV 1900TS. The temperature of the brewed coffee inside the carafe stays at around 180°F immediately after brewing is done, which is also within the range of optimal temperature.

Brew Speed

The coffee maker takes around 6 minutes or so to brew all the coffee for you. This again lies within the optimal time range. This time will only go up if you also use the pre-infusion feature. But it will only take a few seconds more, not more than that. So, this machine can get your coffee brewed very quickly if you ever run late for office.


Based on performance, it is the champion among popular coffee makers. Just think about your coffee getting ready within 6 – 7 minutes at 200°F, this makes it an approved coffee maker from many critics. Besides, the carafe keeps your coffee hot for a good number of hours. Also, the heater used inside is 1500-watt which again is a true beast. Moreover, it does not bring a slight change in the taste. Every time you add the same amount of coffee grounds and water as usual, you will always get the same taste from your coffee.

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