Best Smart Coffee Maker: Bluetooth & Wifi Coffee Maker

best smart coffee maker

There is nothing better then having a delicious cup of coffee every morning but that’s not as easy as it seams. This needs a lot of effort and hard working of getting early and make coffee yourself. In case of best smart coffee maker, you won’t need to do that. Smart coffee makers can be controlled via phones. You can fill the grinder before going to bed and let your coffee maker do the magic on your desired time.

Smart coffee maker can be controlled wireless via WiFi connection. You just need to connect your phone to your coffee maker and let it follow your command. You can do many things like make an instant coffee or set up a time to make coffee later. Also, you can set up the time to make coffee at your desired time. In case you want a ready coffee when you return from office or somewhere.

Best Smart Coffee Maker 2020

  1. Nespresso EN350G
  2. Cuisinart DCC-3200P1
  3. Atomi Smart
  4. Smarter SMC01 iCoffee
  5. Hamilton Beach 49350

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Choosing the Best Smart Coffee Maker

Coffee has become an essential part of our daily lives. Something that important needs to special and perfect. That’s only possible by getting perfect coffee maker that can make you a delicious coffee. Choosing something that’s good and meets your need isn’t that easy. Looking at every aspect of coffee maker is important. We explained some of the most important factors.


The first thing you need to look is your pocket. How much can you afford. Coffee makers are available from 60$. Now it depends on what features and brand it is. Every family has different needs. For some capacity is important but for other automation will have more priority. You will need to first analyze your need based on your budget and than look for something better in your budget.

Is it easy to Use?

Some of us are lazy enough and we don’t want to do much to make our coffee. There are numbers of coffee makers that just needs a push of button to make your coffee. Smart coffee makers are the easiest ones with full control from your phone. You will just need to plug it in and you are good to go.


Capacity is another aspect to look on when you are going to get a coffee maker. Every coffee makers have different capacity. From a few cups to a commercial coffee makers are available at the market. Now it depends on you. Based on your need, you will need to select the coffee maker that best suits you and fill your needs.


Compatibility is also an important factor in a smart coffee makers. Some of the coffee makers can only be connected via Bluetooth while others use WiFi connection. If you need something that gives you wider reach from your room and hall. Go for a WiFi compatibility to operate it from anywhere of the house. Also, some of the coffee makers even have the compatibility of voice recognition connected via Alexa or Google. Go for something that you need.

Auto Shutdown

Some of the coffee maker comes with a features that lets the coffee maker shutdown automatically after coffee is brewed. This is a very important features because some of the time, you forget to turn of the coffee maker which may lead into fire and also, energy consumption. This feature saves you a lot of energy and also save you from unwanted incident.

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Best Smart Coffee Makers

1. Nespresso EN350G by De’Longhi

PROS: Bluetooth Technology, Various Cup Sizes

CONS: You need to bend to adjust pile height

Nespresso EN350G by De'Longhi

Nespresso Expert is smartly made with versatile settings and aluminum finish. It’s uniquely made with a wonderful cutting edge flat to the wall design. Having Nespresso Expert, you can enjoy coffee with four different cup size capability and switching between various temperature settings. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your mobile app and you can easily make your favorite coffee with the touch of your finger.

We are sure that you will love the high quality coffee with so much ease and efficiency. Nespresso Expert use 19 bar high pressure pump to make the barista style coffee every-time. Also, it features a fast heat up system and turns off after 9 minutes while saving you a lot of time. Overall, it’s the best smart coffee maker available at the market with all the wonderful features and convenience.

2. Cuisinart DCC-3200P1

PROS: Programmable, Brew Strength Control

CONS: Slow Brewing Proces

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 comes with beautiful design as its chassis is crafted with stainless steel and has a glass carafe. It is equipped with brew strength control feature that makes it possible for you to brew the coffee according to your taste strong or the regular one. Also, it is the light one among the other smart coffeemakers having the 8.75 pounds weight. Moreover, there is a self-cleaning feature housed inside it so you don’t have to be worry about its cleaning process.

As concerned with the brewing quantity it comes with 1 to 4 cup settings so you can brew 4 cups of coffee in one iteration. In addition, it is a fully automatic device having the 24 hours programmability feature so you can preset your brew for the next 24 hours on it. With state of the art technology, it never lets you sacrifice the flavor and quality of your coffee.

3. Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker

PROS: Wifi Connectivity, multiple options, Alexa support

CONS: Connecting to wifi is a little hectec

Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker

Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker gives you the convenience to make coffee anytime from anywhere whether you are at home or not. You can control the coffee maker through an app connected through WiFi with the coffee maker. Also, making coffee in the morning is a hectic job. Atomi enables you to schedule your coffee for the perfect morning. Enjoy the delicious cup of coffee in the morning without any effort. Atomi allows to select from various option from mild to strong and also choose your desired taste.

Furthermore, it comes with all the important parts that you need. Alexa support is another important feature of this coffee maker. You can control the coffee make via voice and do things you want. Moreover, it comes with the reusable, permanent filter that can be washed and reused. Overall, it’s a great coffee maker, easy to use, easy clean and makes a delicious coffee. What more can someone want.

4. Smarter SMC01 iCoffee

PROS: Burr Grinder, App connectivity, LCD panel
CONS: Only keep coffee hot for 40 minutes

Smarter SMC01 iCoffee

The Smarter coffee maker isn’t just clever but also comes with wonderful features to fill all your coffee needs. It features a heavy duty built-in burr grinder plus reusable filters and 1.5 litre carafe capacity. So you can say that it’s smart plus productive. Also, it features interchangeable panel to suit your kitchen decoration. Furthermore, you can use it remotely via the Smarter App. You just need to pair it with your phone and control everything via the application. Also, you can use it directly via the 3.5 inch LCD panel. So overall its a great coffee maker with wonderful features and extremely easy to use.

In addition, the Smarter coffee maker offers connectivity to smart home devices and can be controlled via voice. You can connect it to Alexa, Google Assistant, Eco and more. Furthermore, it is not just about smart features and connectivity. Smarter Coffee maker also ensure a great quality of coffee. You can have a delicious cup of coffee made from variety of option. What more would you expect. Smarter beats most of the best smart coffee makers at the market and delivers the promise.

5. Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

PROS: App Connectivity, Alexa support

CONS: No temprature control, No K-cup comp

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker 49350

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker features a stunning design with stainless steel accents. It will look perfect on your kitchen decor. The design is quite impressive which looks versatile and modern. Also, it ensure delivering a great cup of coffee. If you are tired of making your coffee in the morning, Hamilton smart coffee maker can do that for you with just a single command. It features Alexa connectivity, you can just control the coffee maker with your app. Turn it Off or ON and also, you can synchronize it to your wake up times.

Furthermore, it features all the important specs you need for a perfect coffee. Features a 12 cup carafe, which is enough for a family. Also, Hamilton beach coffee makers is extremely easy to use and clean. There is an option on the display screen that say clean after every 30 brewing cycles. The coffee lid and filter can be washed in a dishwater. So, overall, this coffee maker is smart, efficient, easy to use and clean. If you really need a good coffee maker to buy. This is it.

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