Best Siphon Coffee Maker 2022: (Top 8 Vacuum Coffee Makers)

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You will get to know the importance of siphon coffee makers and also the reason for their popularity. We have explained every aspect of the siphon coffee maker possible and listed the top products for you to choose from. You can read our buyer’s guide for a better understanding of the siphon coffee maker and also frequently asked question section to answer your queries.

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For many people, a vacuum coffee maker may sound like an odd thing. But for some, it is one of the most interesting, fun, and efficient ways of brewing coffee. This method dated back to the 1830s and was most followed once. Now that there are drip coffee makers and espresso machines all around, people do not know what’s hidden in a siphon coffee maker.

So, if you are looking for the best siphon coffee maker or just want to know how this thing works. Welcome Aboard! We have picked 8 of the best vacuum siphon coffee makers and discussed how a siphon coffee maker works? How to use it? And how to choose the best one in the lot.

Editor’s Choice

KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer

KitchenAid KCM0812OB

Elegant Design
Quality brew
Easy to Use


Yama Glass 8 Cup Stovetop Siphon

Yama Glass Stovetop Siphon

Luxurios look
Great tasting coffee

Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose Siphon Coffee Maker?

Same as any other coffee maker, a siphon coffee maker also has some considerations, you should know certain things beforehand so that the one you buy is perfect for you in all ways.

Make of the Coffee Maker

One of the most important things is to know what the vacuum coffee maker is made of. Initially, it used to be steel or brass, this was the best material at that time, and the looks were fancy. But with time, as the technology got better, those coffee makers were shifted to glass from steel or brass.

Now, stainless steel or brass is still perfect, they look fancy, and the brewing is good. But this type is now considered more of a luxury and expensive also. On the other hand, glass siphon coffee makers are budget-friendly and are easy to use. The glass used for making these is heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this makes them take the heat easily and work a long period. In simple words, they are not indestructible and will not easily crack or break down.

Stovetop vs Standalone Designs

As mentioned at the start, a vacuum coffee maker can be one of two types based on heat. One is standalone, and the other is stovetop. Those with their own heating source, like a burner, are standalone, this is the original type, but the burner can sometimes be an issue. Things like refilling the burner or controlling the heat of it are questionable. As advice, it is better to stay away from alcohol burners that are cheap, no doubt, but maintaining their temperature is difficult. They also leave black marks in the area where they are in contact with your siphon brewer. For best results, you should stick to either gas or electric halogen burners; they are perfect.

The other one, the stovetop, is a modern variant. It makes things easy, you can place it on top of an electric or gas stove, but direct contact with it can harm the glass, which is why you will need to use a heat diffuser. Additionally, there is another type, the balancing siphon coffee maker. It is not widely used nowadays but is much better than the conventional one in many ways. However, it is expensive and is only suitable for occasional use.

Heat Sources: Alcohol, Butane, Halogen, or Electric?

In the siphon coffee maker, you will need an intense heat system to boil the water in the lower chamber and make them rise to the upper chamber for brewing purposes. This can be done with the help of any kind of heat source, but these four are the most common methods used.

Alcohol Burner: These are inexpensive burner which is very easy to operate. You just need to pour over the alcohol into the small chamber of the coffee maker and lit the wick with the help of the lighter. Using it is extremely easy and creates a very steady flame that is just perfect for brewing purposes. Although, there is always a chance of spilling it on the counter, and you will need to clean it up later.

Butane Burner: Actually, the Butane burner is way different than the alcohol burner. It’s clean and quick. In this process, pressurized gas is shot into a small hole under the coffee maker. The burner is easy to light up with the lever. The intensity can also be easily controlled via the release speed of the gas. This burner is ways more effective but a little pricey as compared to the others.

Halogen Lamp: Halogen is the super expensive heat source for the siphon coffee maker. It uses the light rays for the water to boil and helps to brew the coffee. We only suggest buying this kind of burner if you have a lot of budgets.

Electric-Powered: Most of the latest coffee makers come with this kind of heating source. The electric heater is attached to the heater in the water kettle and works perfectly fine. This electric heater is built explicitly for a siphon coffee maker.

Filter in a Siphon

Since you know by now that there is a filter in place between the two chambers of a vacuum pot coffee maker. This filter, in earlier days, used to be a permanent one like cloth or steel. But now, you get the liberty of going for a temporary paper filter. Cloth filters are the original thing for this brew method, but cleaning that cloth is a mess. In contrast to this, the steel filter is a better option if you decide to stick with a permanent filter. And, of course, a temporary paper filter is the best option of all.


Similar to any other coffee maker, the capacity of these coffee makers varies from model to model. So far, the siphon coffee makers we’ve come across go as low as 3 cups and as high as 8 cups. So you must keep this in mind, do not go for a bigger one for no reason, just stick to what you will be needing.


The fact is that siphon coffee makers are not cheap like drip or other types. You’ll have to put in some bucks into it. The lowest you can get is around $50 or hardly $45, but these are a bit on the lower side of quality. If you want to get a good one whose results are best and can brew a large amount at a time, then you must spend anything above $70.

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Siphon / Vacuum Coffee Maker Reviews

1. KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer

Best overall


Electric, Auto-OFF, Magnetic Lock



KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer

KitchenAid KCM0812OB is more of a modern siphon coffee maker. It is one of the best electric vacuum coffee makers; yes, you heard it right; it is electric. This one is a fine option for those who want to experience a siphon but yet want the process to be easy. It is fancy, built out of fine materials, and can brew up to 8 cups at a time. The brew unit, which is the top chamber comes with a stand of its own whenever you want to remove it from the setup. You get two filters for it, a steel and a cloth one. The lower chamber has markings on it to see how many cups of water you have added.

The electric base below the water chamber, which can be removed or attached by 360° rotation. The upper and lower chamber is further tightened by a magnetic lock, which ensures that the vacuum creation is perfect. The glass used is of premium quality, and the accents around it are stainless-steel. You can go for either silver or black color, both are available. Furthermore, it is one of the easiest to use siphon coffee makers and really reaches the full immersion and rich taste. The only downside to it is the price, it costs around $250. But if you do not have an issue with the budget, this is the best siphon coffee maker right now.

2. Yama Glass 8-Cup Stovetop Siphon

Best stovetop siphon coffee maker


Price, 8-Cup


Heat diffuser required, No steel filter

Yama Glass 8 Cup Stovetop Siphon

Yama Glass 8 Cup is a stovetop siphon coffee maker, so you’ll need to use a heat diffuser for safety purposes. It falls among the budget-friendly options among vacuum coffee makers and has an 8 cup capacity. Design-wise, it is pretty basic and neat. All you get is two chambers and a filter between them. Both the chambers are made of hand-blown Borosilicate Glass, which means they are durable and would not trap any odor. The lid you get with it also acts as a stand for the brew chamber, post brew.

Using it is very simple; once the water reaches the top chamber, you have to add coffee grounds and stir for a while to make sure all the grounds are wet. As for the filter, you get some cloth filters with it, but those are difficult to wash; it would be better if you go for paper filters instead. Finally, as mentioned earlier, it is a budget-friendly option and has an 8 cup capacity, making it worth it.

3. Nispira Belgian Belgium Luxury Siphon

Luxury royal siphon coffee maker


Aesthetics, Best Brew Quality


Expensive, Occasional Use

Nispira Belgian Belgium Luxury Siphon

Nispira Belgian is the best balancing siphon coffee maker. As you can see, it is different from traditional siphon coffee makers, which come with two chambers on top of each other. This one also has two chambers, but they are placed next to each other. It can brew anywhere between 3-5 cups of coffee at a time. Such coffee makers are preferred by people who love the fancy design and want the aesthetics to be perfect. But there is no doubt about the brew quality; the cup of coffee you get here is just as amazing as any other vacuum coffee maker.

So, it comes with its own burner having a lid on it; when you open the lid and flame the burner, the water chamber tilts a bit, and water starts flowing into the brew chamber. When the water chamber is empty, the lid closes by itself, which means the burner is no more flamed. This is where the vacuum starts pulling the coffee back towards the water chamber. And on the other side, the showerhead has a filter on it, leaving behind all the coffee grounds. OK, let’s face it, this type of coffee maker is not very easy to use. It is more preferable if you use it on special occasions for guests and it is expensive. So, you should only go for it if you have special reasons because it is not a day to day use coffee maker.

4. Yama Glass 5-Cup Siphon Coffee Maker

Lightweight siphon coffee maker


Simple, Durable


Difficult Assembly

Yama Glass 5-Cup Siphon Coffee Maker

This siphon coffee maker is the standalone type, which means it comes with its own burner, but it is not filled by default. You’ll have to fill the burner, and then you are good to go. So, similar to many other vacuum coffee makers, it has the same two chambers and a filter in between. The good thing about this one is that the vacuum seal is fantastic; coffee is perfectly brewed and is rich in taste. Aesthetically, its stand is beautiful; it has a solid steel base and makes the overall process very easy.

The water chamber comes with its own elongated handle, so you can use it easily when pouring coffee into the cup. And the lid also acts as a stand for the brew unit when placed upside down. As the name indicates, it has a max capacity of 5 cups, so it is an excellent option for a family. More, the material used is hand-blown glass which is the best-known durability and non-porous nature. Lastly, its price is a bit on the higher side, but compared to many siphon brewers, it looks nice on the counter.

5. Bodum PEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker

Best siphon/vacuum coffee maker 2022


8-Cup, Price, Steel Filter


Carafe not useful

Bodum PEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker

With an 8 cup capacity, Bodum PEBO stovetop becomes the best vacuum coffee maker for a family or even workplace. It is pretty basic without any stand or burner; all you get is a funnel (top chamber), a jug (bottom chamber), a filter with spring, and its lid. There are markings for 6 and 8 cups only; anything apart from that needs to be measured by you, yourself. Filter comes with a spring that you can stick to the narrow end of the funnel; this ensures no grounds come down.

The lower chamber of it is not something everyone would like, it is sort of a jug with a wide base and narrow head, so you can not keep your coffee in it for longer because it will get cold. So, if you are not utilizing all the coffee you have prepared, you’ll have to pour it into some carafe or a thermos to keep it hot. The filter it uses is a permanent steel filter, and it works great. There is a rubber stopper around the neck of the upper chamber; this ensures that the vacuum created is not affected by any means. And the price of it is justifiable, you can get it for $60. But this price is without any accessories like a burner, scoop or stand, etc.

6. Yama Glass Mini Siphon Coffee Maker

Mini Siphon coffee maker


Adjustable flame, Instant ignition system


Acts as a flame thrower sometimes

Yama Glass Mini Butane Tabletop Siphon Coffee

This mini Siphon coffee maker by Yama is the best gift for coffee lovers. Its classic design will remind you of old 90’s time. The electric ignition system works perfectly to brew a hot coffee cup for you. Plus, there is an adjustable flame system, so the heat can be adjusted according to personal preferences. And it works around for 45 minutes. More, the 30-35 mg refillable butane fuel tank entertains your several coffee cups efficiently. The maximum temperature it attains ranges up to 300 1/2c or 400 1/2f. At last, this best siphon coffee maker with a micro-burner can be your best kitchen’s companion at a justifiable price.

7. Hario Technica 5-Cup Siphon Coffee Maker

Glass siphon coffee maker 2022


Stylish, Dual-purpose lid


Difficult Assembly

Hario Technica 5-Cup Siphon Coffee Maker

This coffee brewer looks like something straight out of the chemistry lab. The way it is designed and the parts are placed makes it look like some chemical reaction is about to occur in a lab. The stand has a U-shaped base; this is where the burner is placed. So yes, it is a standalone siphon coffee maker; on top of this stand is the handle where the water chamber is attached to it. The upper chamber is an elongated one, with a lid on it. Similar to many others, this lid can be used as a stand for the brew unit if placed upside down.

The process of vacuuming in it happens smoothly and quickly; as soon as the flame is put off, the suction starts, indicating that the vacuum created is effective. It can brew around 5 cups at a time, making it a good option for friends and family. The way it is designed and works, its $80 price tag are totally OK; some may find it expensive, but it is not compared to its performance.

8. Diguo Belgian Luxury Royal Siphon

Best with tee handle


Royal Looks, Best Brew Results


Occasional Use, Price

Diguo Belgian Luxury Royal Siphon

Most siphon coffee makers are conventional with one chamber over another, but this one is not. Similar to Nispira Belgian reviewed above, it is a balancing vacuum coffee maker. This is where the chambers are not placed on top of each other, rather next to each other. The rest of the mechanism is the same, a vacuum is created, and then the water is pulled back once immersed with the coffee grounds.

The reason people go for this one is the way it looks. It looks like something straight out of a royal palace; it is more of an occasional use coffee maker rather than daily. The material used is premium stainless steel making it durable and premium. The final coffee is rich, extracting all the flavor from the grounds. Also, the filter is more suitable for a medium-coarse grind rather than a fine one. And it can brew up to 5 cups maximum at a time. Finally, it is a premium coffee maker, so you should be ready for a high price; it costs around 130 bucks.

9. Hario Glass NEXT Syphon Coffee Maker

Stylish siphon coffee brewer


Price, Design, Stainless steel Stand & Filter


Difficult Assembly

Hario Glass NEXT Syphon Coffee Maker

The Glass NEXT is the best vacuum coffee maker. It performs good, has an excellent design, and is still offered at a lower price. It works similar to the above-mentioned Hario Technica coffee maker, but the only difference is their design. More, assembling this siphon coffee maker is a bit difficult than others because it combines many things like the stand, burners, and then placing the chambers on top of one another. This makes it a difficult one to take care of. However, the results are second to none; the vacuum created is fantastic, and suction takes place nicely.

It can brew up to 5 cups at a time, and the material used is heat resistant. The burner is easy to use, comes with its own stainless-steel lid for putting the fire off. And similar to many others, the lid can be used as a stand when placed upside down. Also, the stand and filter are made of stainless steel, while the stand handle is by silicon cover. Finally, if you search for an excellent siphon coffee maker, then Hario Glass NEXT is a good option for you. Also, it will not cost you a fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected a few of the most asked questions about the siphon coffee maker below. We hope that it helps you.

What is a Siphon Coffee Maker and how it works?

Siphon coffee is also known as a vacuum coffee maker. The name is because of the coffee brewing process that is used to make coffee. It’s an ancient method of brewing coffee, having a two-chamber in a siphon coffee maker. The lower chamber contains water, while the upper chamber has coffee ground. When heat is applied to the lower chamber, a vacuum is created in the upper chamber. The water is pushed into the upper chamber, where it mixes with the coffee grounds. Then comes back into the lower chamber, leaving the coffee ground there with the help of filter paper.
This is an old but effective method of brewing delicious coffee. Till today they are widely used around the world, mostly in coffee shops rather than homes.

Why Siphon Coffee Maker is Special?

The Siphon coffee maker is special because of how it works and the principles that it is based on. They look lovely and will surely add so much to the kitchen countertop and office. It seems more an antique than a coffee maker, especially ones from old age. Also, it provides pure immersion of the water and the coffee grounds. It lets the coffee grounds and water together for a longer time, which results in a rich aroma and flavor. The vacuum also plays a vital role in the taste of the coffee. It pulls everything down when the heat is stopped. Thus nothing is left behind, resulting in the rich and pure aroma of the coffee.

Do I need any specific coffee for the Siphon coffee maker?

Well, there are no specific needs for a siphon coffee maker. You just need to grind the beans to a medium-coarse finer than the normal filter and a little bit coarser than the espresso filter.

Do I need to preheat the water for the siphon coffee maker?

Well, for speeding up the process, you will need to preheat the water. Take boiling water in a cup for making siphon coffee.

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