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You will be able to have multiple milk frother choices in order to pick the best one. Milk frothing adds quite a bit to the final tasty cup of a cofffee. The article holds product reviews with key specifications, pros & cons, a buyer’s guide for those who are not much familiar with milk frothers, and some frequently asked questions. Go through all and pick one that best matches you budget and need.

A great cup of coffee requires utter dedication and standard procedure. Starting from choosing or roasting the beans and ending at brewing or in some cases frothing the milk, everything needs to be done precisely, only then one can get that great cup of coffee. Now frothing the milk is an important part here, it adds that final finishing to your coffee, espresso, or latte. For this, you need to have the best milk frother at home. It can be one of the many types available. Some of which, you may find good for you and some not.

We’ve gone through a lot of these milk frothers and decided to put the top 10 here. And along the way, you’ll also get to know some important information about milk frothers and how to choose the best frother for milk.

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Best Handheld Milk Frother


Breville BMF600XL Milk Frother

Breville BMF600XL Milk Frother

Temperature Control
3 Cup Capacity


Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

Separate Latte &amp
Cappuccino Whisk

Buyer’s Guide

Here’s how to buy yourself the best milk frother for good results. They come in different types and each has different results, you should keep an eye out for these things so that the frother you choose is the best one.

Type of Frother

As mentioned before, milk frothers can be either handheld or jug style. Both have their own class of users. But specifically, if you normally froth more than one cup of milk then a jug style would be a good option, otherwise, a handheld is a good choice. But keep in mind, that a jug milk frother also heats up the milk, whereas a handheld milk frother does not.

Type of Milk

The type of milk you use, also effects the frothing process. Some people like using non-fat milk which is easy to froth but the taste of it in a latte or cappuccino is not good. But this type of milk is the easiest to froth and a normal handheld frother will work for it. Whereas on the other side, if you go for whole milk, it is the most challenging type because nothing is extracted from it. But this type of milk tastes the best when used with coffee. So for whole milk, an electric jug frother is the best option. It will be doing all the process itself and you will be able to control the temperature of it.

Temperature Control

The final taste of what you drink has an important relation to the temperature of brew water and milk. The temperature of the water or milk can enrich or destroy the taste of your coffee, so optimal temperature is important. This is why some milk frothers come with temperature control settings, you can control the temperature and set it to the best of your taste.


Not everyone froths a single cup at a time. you may want to froth more milk for guests or family. This is why the capacity of the milk frother is important to know beforehand. There are some milk frothers which will allow you to froth up to 3 cups at a time. For anything above that, you will do the frothing multiple times in segments.

Ease of Use & Time Consumption

Your main priority apart from getting useful features in your best milk frother, should be to look for a frother that is easy to clean and simple to work with. You shouldn’t opt for one that is hard to carry, tough to clean, and consumes greater space. Next, you should select a milk frother that takes less time while you are in a hurry.

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Best Milk Frothers 2021

1.Breville BMF600XL Milk Frother

Temp Control Milk Frother

Reasons to buy?

Temperature Control
3 Cup Capacity

Reasons to avoid?


Breville BMF600XL Milk Frother

This milk frother is expensive, but when it comes to results and the best-frothed milk, no expert will deny it. It’s one of the most premium milk frothers which has a good number of customization options and gives you the best results possible. It is basically a jug style milk frother, the jug here is a removable one but when turned ON, it rests on top of its base with a heating plate. The make of it is stainless-steel which further adds to its premium nature.

The best thing about it is that you get to customize a lot. First, you can select a temperature anywhere between 0 – 160°F, which is stunning. Plus, you can also choose the type of foam you want. Breville BMF600XL comes with two different frothing discs, one of which is for cappuccino and the other one for latte. On the rear side of the machine is a magnetic holder where you can store the disc which is not in use. On the front of it, you will see a dial, this is where you can control the temperature and then hit the start button. Once the frothing is done and the temperature is reached, it will turn OFF automatically. As for its capacity, it is capable of frothing around 3 cups of milk at a time. So, if you really want your coffee to be foamy and nicely textured, this best milk frother is what you need, but it is an expensive one without any doubts.

2. Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

Multipurpose Milk Frother

Reasons to buy?

Separate Latte &
Cappuccino Whisk

Reasons to avoid?

Takes longer for hot froth

Nespresso Aeroccino Plus is another premium milk frother. It is easy to use and gets the frothing done quickly. Plus, you also get to choose whether you want to go for a latte or a cappuccino. What you may not like in it is that despite being a jug frother, it can only froth a single cup at a time. OK, design-wise it is minimal, made of stainless steel, and won’t occupy too much space on the counter. It has a removable base at the bottom which has a power cord permanently attached to it. And on the front of it is the button to turn it ON.

It comes with two different discs for latte and cappuccino. One disc needs to placed the base of the jug and the other one, which is not in use can be attached to the lid magnetically. Inside the jug, you will be able to see two different marks for max capacity. One mark is at 130ml which is for frothing purposes. The other one is at 250ml which is for heating the milk only. You also have the option to froth your milk hot or cold. For heating and frothing the milk, you just have to press the button once and it will start. While for frothing the milk cold, you will have to press and hold the same button for 2 seconds. And that’s it, once the frothing is done, the machine will turn OFF automatically.

3. HIC Milk Creamer Frother Stainless Steel

Best Manual Milk Frother 2021

Reasons to buy?

Double-mesh aerator
Easy to Use

Reasons to avoid?

Takes longer than electric frother

HIC Milk Creamer Frother Stainless Steel

HIC Milk Creamer is a manual milk frother. It basically is a pitcher made of stainless steel and a mesh with a pump inside it, just like a french press. Sometimes things need to be simple, they just need more focus towards them. Same is the case with this milk frother here, it is simple, neatly designed, and does a whole lot of work for you. No doubt, the results of it would not be similar to an electric one, but if you want more control over your milk then you can decide to go with a manual one.

So it is basically a pitcher, with a lid and plunger fit into it. The plunger on the inside has a double-mesh aerator which allows the airflow into the milk for bubbles and foam. All you have to do is to pour milk into it, hot or cold depends on you. Put the lid on and place on hand on the lid so that it won’t move. And then using your second hand, start pumping the plunger up and down. It would take somewhere between 1 – 2 minutes for your milk to froth and get the texture you want. More, you can use it for all types of milk like goat, non-fat or almond, etc. So it stays to be the best almond milk frother as well. Last but not least, it costs around $25, which is quite justifiable for something fancy like this manual milk frother.

4. Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother

Best Hot&Cold Frother 2021

Reasons to buy?

Power Indicator
Storage for whisks

Reasons to avoid?


Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother

The Aeroccino 3 by Nespresso is yet another best latte milk frother, it works awesome and the amount of foam it makes is simply stunning. Using it is very simple, it comes with a base on top of which this frother rests. The base of it is an interesting one, it has a green light on it which tells you if the power cord is connected or not. And then it has a mini storage compartment where you can keep the whisk which is not in use. Yes, same as many other best milk frothers, this one also comes with two whisks. One of which is for a latte and the other one for a cappuccino.

You can go for either hot or cold froth. Same as the previous models, pressing the button once will get you a hot froth and if you press and hold it for two seconds, it will go for a cold froth. It can forth around 4 ounces at a time which is good enough for one cup of latte or cappuccino. Besides all this, the design of it is quite stunning too. It is compact and tall, won’t occupy a lot of space, and is easy to clean. You just have to rinse it under tap water. And finally, after all these features and good things, it still is budget-friendly.

5. Norpro Glass Froth Master

Cheap Milk Frother

Reasons to buy?

2 Cup Capacity

Reasons to avoid?


Norpro Glass Froth Master

If you are looking for something which is cheap and has no fancy features but will work just fine for frothing milk, you got Norpro Glass milk frother. It’s one of the best manual milk frothers you will come across. It is made of glass which lets you see the milk you will be processing, so you can stop only when the frothing is done. It is the same as a french press with a plunger and mesh attached to it. Once you add milk into it, you have to put the lid on and start doing the pump until you reach your desired foam level.

You can add both hot or cold milk. And it lets you add around 16 ounces of milk into it which is roughly 2 cups. So unlike many frothers that allow 1 cup at a time, this one can go for 2 in case you have a guest over or any family member. As mentioned earlier, it is a cheap one at $13 only which makes it a nice choice for many people.

6. Aerolatte Deluxe Edition Milk Frother

Best Handheld Milk Frother 2021

Reasons to buy?

Alkaline Battery Powered
Quick Froth

Reasons to avoid?


Aerolatte Deluxe Edition Milk Frother

Some people just prefer a handheld milk frother over other types. This might be because they are easy to use and the results are quick. Also, many of them are rechargeable or powered by AA Alkaline batteries which makes them portable and you won’t need a power socket all the time. Aerolatte Deluxe is one of the most praised handheld milk frothers, it is stylish and comes with a stand which makes a nice appearance on the counter. And it is powered by 2 AA Alkaline batteries which are supposed to work 150 times, then you will have to replace them with a new pair.

It gives you a nice amount of foam in just 20 seconds which is simply amazing. Unlike other frothers, you won’t have to wait for a minute or more. Every time, you will get nice frothed milk in seconds, and using it is easy as well. It has a button on the left side which you will be using to turn it on. Just remember to keep the whisk a bit below the surface of the milk and that’s it. Finally, cleaning this milk frother is easy too, you can just rinse the whisk and rod under running tap water or just dip it into the soapy water and turn it ON for a few seconds.

7. VAVA Milk Frother Electric

Best Quick Milk Frother

Reasons to buy?

Heat & Froth both

Reasons to avoid?

Low Capacity

VAVA Milk Frother Electric

This one here is a fantastic milk frother, not only it froths your milk, but in fact, you can also use just the heating option and skip frothing. The overall make of it is amazing, it is all stainless steel except for the handle which is plastic and the lid which is transparent glass. It comes with a power base with a permanently attached power cord, the base also has an LED light on it indicating whenever it is connected to the electricity. VAVA Milk Frother comes with multiple whisks, two of which are used for frothing and other for heating only.

In the manual, you will see that whole milk is recommended for best results but it works just fine with others like the almond milk as well. Now for using heat and froth option, you will have to fix a frothing whisk at the bottom of the jug and press the button, when the blue light turns OFF and the red one starts blinking, it indicates that the process is done. The same is the case for cold froth, but you’ll have to press and hold the button for 2 seconds, this will let the machine know that you want to go for a cold froth. The overall process of heating and frothing takes somewhere above a minute. And last but not least, it costs a little below 40 bucks which is a nice price for such a best electric milk frother.

8. Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Milk Frother

All in One Milk Fother

Reasons to buy?

4 Operation Modes
Single Whisk

Reasons to avoid?


Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Milk Frother

The Aeroccino 4 milk frother by Nespresso is unique in many ways and has the best results. They have tried to make it further easy to use, so you get only one whisk with it and it does all sorts of things for you. You would not need to change the whisks every time for different results, because this one has buttons for it. So speaking of the design first, it is simple and neat. The jug is all steel and stands tall. It comes with a base that has four buttons on it, each for a different operation. And it automatically turns OFF if you remove the jug while it is ON.

OK, you get to do 4 different things on it. Starting from left to right, the first button which glows blue is used for cold milk froth. Next to it is the button which is used for simply heating the milk without any froth. The third button is for hot milk foam but it is medium froth. And the last button which sits at the extreme right goes for a hot dense foam, the type which you would like for cappuccino. As of the capacity, for heating the milk only, you can add up to 8 ounces of milk. But if you want to go for froth then the max capacity for that is 4 ounces.

9. MatchaDNA Premium Automatic Milk Frother

Stainless-Steel Milk Frother

Reasons to buy?

Creamy Froth

Reasons to avoid?

Expensive compared to similar frothers

MatchaDNA Premium Automatic Milk Frother

Most jug milk frother works the same way, this one is no different in design and the way it works. But the results of it are better than many frothers out there, the foam it makes is rich and creamy, and this is what makes it suitable to be among these nice milk frothers. It is made of stainless steel and is very easy to clean. It has a separate base, on top of which the jug is placed whenever you want to use it. And the good thing here is that you can use it with any type of milk, the results will always be best.

Using this milk frother, you can also go for a cold froth, not just hot. In both ways, the results are good, you get a nicely textured milk which makes your latte perfect. For heating the milk and frothing it, you simply have to press the power button. And in case you want a cold froth, you’ll have to press and hold the button for a little longer like 2 seconds or so. Overall, it’s a nice frother but the only thing which you may not like is the price, it costs in the lower 60’s which is higher compared to other frothers with the same results and features.

10. FoodVille MF02 Rechargeable Milk Frother

Multi-speed Handheld Frother

Reasons to buy?

Multiple Motor Speed

Reasons to avoid?

Takes longer for good results

FoodVille MF02 Rechargeable Milk Frother

Finally, another best handheld milk frother which is cheap and gets you a good foam for your milk in no time. It comes with two different whisks, one of which is suitable for frothing milk and the other, which is a bigger one, for baking purposes. An interesting thing here is the speed of it, you can control the speed of motor depending on the results you want. You can set the speed of the motor at any of the three which are 19000rpm, 21000rpm, and 23000rpm. But mind the fact that higher the speed, faster the battery will drain.

Yes, it comes with a rechargeable battery that you charge via USB. It is very easy, the wand can stand upside down on any flat surface, and then you’ll have to connect it to a power source like your laptop, power bank, or a socket. At low speed, it may take around 4 -5 minutes to get you the foam, but it is worth the wait. However, you can also for higher speed and do the frothing quickly. Overall, it is a nice frother which is portable, very easy to use and more to it is the price, you can get it for around $16 which makes it a budget-friendly option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we froth milk?

There are many reasons why milk is frothed, this whole science of frothing milk didn’t come into being for anything. There are reasons behind it and for sure, frothing really affects the milk and taste of the final coffee cup. So, first and foremost thing which frothing does to the milk is that it incorporates air into it, yeah, and this is why you see those bubbles. And by incorporating air, the taste of the milk gets rich, it is drastically improved compared to flat milk which tastes dull just like milk.

Another thing why people or you would love to froth your milk is the smooth texture of the milk. Flat milk is just milk, but frothed milk gets that foamy texture with bubbles on it which adds to the overall joy of enjoying coffee. Another thing it does is that milk gets warmed up, it is heated to the right temperature and the overall results are impressive.

What are the types of milk frothers?

So, milk frothers can be of many types and each has its own pros and cons. You should not choose one based on how fancy or easy it is to use, rather what will give the best results for your type of coffee. OK, based on design, it could be a handheld milk frother or a jug milk frother. And based on how a frother works, it can be either electric or manual.

A jug frother is a proper machine on its own. And most of the time it will be doing two tasks for you. One, of course, is the frothing of milk using a whisk fitted inside of it. The other is heating the milk, and some will even let you control the temperature. So you won’t have to heat the milk separately, just add it to the frothing jug and it will do the rest. Now a jug milk frother can be both electric or manual. A manual milk frother will give you more control over how you would froth the milk but it will take time and is a hectic process. Whereas an electric milk frother will use its own setting for frothing every time but you will be free of all the hard work, you’ll just need to pour the milk back into the cup.

The next type is the handheld milk frother, it is a pretty basic one and therefore cheap compared to other types. Basically, it is a whisker but an electric one because it has a motor in it. A handheld milk frother is cheap, easy to use and portable (because they mostly work on batteries) but, it only does frothing. If you decide to go for a handheld one, then you will have to heat the milk separately.

How to properly froth milk?

Milk needs to be frothed properly, some common things need to be handled carefully and then the process needs to be followed, that’s all. So before you start frothing the milk, you need to know these three important things. First and most important is to froth till the optimal level. As soon as you see the foam and bubbles building on top, you have to stop a few seconds after that. Because frothing your milk after this level will have negative results. And yes, frothing it, again and again, is no help at all. So you should know when to stop, otherwise, the whole frothing process will be of no use.

Another important thing is the quantity of milk. If you are using a jug frother, you will able to get minimum and maximum capacity from the user’s manual. The reason for this is that going above the max level will stop the frother from giving you the best results and there might even be a chance of the milk spilling out. However, on the other hand, if you are using a handheld frother, then there is no indication in the user manual about it. But generally, 5 – 6 ounces is OK, because above this it may cause you some issues.

And another thing is to know where to place the whisker or the steam wand in case you have an espresso machine. The tip of whatever you are using for frothing your milk should be a little below the surface level. It is not supposed to be too deep in or so high up that half of it is out of the milk. So you must remember, it needs to be just below the surface level of milk. After taking care of these things, frothing your milk is simple, just add milk into the jug and start frothing.

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