Best Handheld Milk Frother 2022 – A Complete Guide

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After reading this article about the best handheld milk frother
You will get familiar with the working mechanism of the handheld milk frother. Those who are new to the milk frother’s ecosystem are entertained with almost everything in the buyer’s guide section. We, a team of experts, after deep research, have managed to come up with a list containing the best milk frothers of the time to help you get one according to your need and budget.

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The main reason people love lattes and cappuccinos is frothy milk. The moment this foam touches your lips, it gives you a delightful experience. The good news is that now you don’t have to spend a fortune on a fancy espresso machine because you can make these frothy drinks conveniently at home. All you need for this is the best handheld milk frother which is affordable and will perfect your morning brew with creamy foam.

Two types of milk frother are handheld electric frothing wand and plunger milk frother. Both are effective and work on the same basic concept. They slowly add tiny air bubbles to the milk and give an excellent frothy drink. Anyway, finding the best handheld milk frother 2022 is not an easy task. Hence, if you want to see such a frother that easily fits in your budget and serves you in the best possible way, you have come to the right place.

Editor’s Choice

PowerLix Milk Frother - editor's choice

PowerLix Milk Frother



Utalent Immersion Hand Blender - runner up

Utalent Immersion Blender

8 Speed settings

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the Best Handheld Milk Frother 2022

If you are tired of having coffee from the local coffee shop, you must try a milk frother for a great cup of coffee. Anyhow, choosing a proper milk frother is not possible without considering some standard features. So, when you are in the market and looking for the best handheld milk frother, consider the following factors.

Choose According to Your Budget

The market is overcrowded with milk frothers, and every product has some unique features and comes with various price ranges. It is necessary to choose according to your budget and don’t run behind famous and expensive products. You can get an outstanding product with admirable features at a reasonable price. It is just a matter of the right choice, and for that, you need to focus on the features of a product. In this way, you can choose the most appropriate product without spending a fortune.

Ease of Use

Although most users ignore this feature, it is important to consider it. The more easily you can use your device, the more you will love frothing your milk. Along with this, make sure that the frother is light in weight and portable. On the off chance that you plan camping, you will love this feature because lightweight frothers are easy to carry around.

Time Saving

Time is very precious, and most users have a scarcity of time. So, if you want to save your time, choose a frother that can froth a large amount of milk in a short time. Well, in this case, the best handheld electric milk frother will serve you the most.

Easy Cleaning

Every user wants a frother that will be functional for a longer period. This is possible only if you take care of your frother and clean it properly. As cleaning is not the favorite part of most users, make sure that the frother is easily cleanable. In this case, the manual milk frother is the best option to go for because you can easily wash it without any difficulty.

Select Brand Carefully

Selecting the right brand is a difficult task because one can’t decide which brand is credible and reliable. However, you should not worry about this because all the frothers you will find on this page are reliable and manufactured by credible brands. After hours of searching, we are giving you these top 10 contenders. Indeed, they won’t disappoint you and will fulfill all your needs.

Types of Milk Forthers

Three types of milk frothers are excellent for coffee, latte, etc., with the right texture, and they are straightforward to use. Now it depends on your needs that which type of milk frother is good for you.

Handheld frothers: These frothers are operated on batteries that you stick directly into your cup of milk to froth. The whisk spins continuously, and with the manual up and down motion, the air gets whipped into the milk.

Automatic frothers: These are electric-powered jugs. The induction whisk is inside the jar that heats the milk and spins to create smooth and even foam.

Steam wands: They are built into espresso machines and are usually used in coffee shops as they are great for steaming milk and giving it texture. More, the steam pushes through a wand into the milk and creates a velvety foam.

How to Use a Handheld Milk Frother?

Before going to the brief and detailed reviews, let’s discuss how to use a milk frother properly. Although it is easy to use, you need to acquire some skills to make a perfect brewing foam.

Heat the Milk to the Right Temperature
You first need to heat your milk to the proper temperature for the milk frother you are using to get the best foaming result. Use a microwave to heat the milk gently between 150 degrees Fahrenheit and 155 degrees. Make sure that you do not overheat the milk; otherwise, it will burn, and your coffee will have a bitter aftertaste. Now that you have heat the milk properly, it’s time to use either a wand or plunger milk frother.

Using an Electric Wand Milk Frother
While using the best handheld electric milk frother, place the wand at a slight angle at the bottom of your milk pitcher. The whisk will form a whirlpool effect which in turn will move the milk around in the pitcher. In this way, you don’t end up whisking the milk which has already been foamed. Now that the milk acquires the desired foam density, it’s time to move the whisk vertically. This will introduce more air, and the foam will become more uniform in structure. Depending upon the power of your frother, this whole process would take only 15-20 seconds.

Using a Plunger Milk Frother
On the other hand, it is very easy to use a manual milk frother if you have decided to use a manual milk frother. All you have to do is just pump the plunger up and down until the milk reaches the desired foam. The only drawback of manual frother is that it takes more time compared to the electric frother. On the bright side, it is a good exercise for your arm, and you will soon develop superb arm muscles.

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Best Handheld Milk Frother 2022 Reviews

1. PowerLix Milk Frother

Editor’s choice


Makes Wonderful Foam, Attractive Design and Quiet Operation, Easy to Use and Portable


Batteries are not Included

Best Handheld Milk Frother PowerLix Milk Frother

PowerLix, the best handheld milk frother, is a high-speed aerator and a great mid-budget device. The design is stylish, and all the parts in contact with milk are made up of stainless steel. The handle is made of plastic, making it easy to hold and won’t slip even if your hands are wet. Plus, the appliance is available in two colors: red and black, so you can choose your favorite color. In addition, the device is compact enough to carry around.

As the frother is battery operated, so it is very easy to use. Just insert two batteries into the compartment, and it is ready to go. All you need to do is pour milk into the glass and lower the whisk halfway into it. Now press and hold the button at the top, and within 30-45 seconds, a rich and creamy froth will be ready for you. After frothing milk with PowerLix, you will love the outstanding foam quality, which does not vanish soon. Plus, the foam quality will be the same regardless of the type of milk used.

Now that you are done with frothing, it’s time to clean your device. It is lightweight; hence cleaning requires minimal effort. Just dip the whisk into warm water and turn it on for 30 seconds. After that, remove the whisk from water and spin the device again to dry. Remember one thing, don’t submerge the electrical part into the water while cleaning. Hence, if you want an affordable and versatile handheld milk frother at a reasonable price, go for PowerLix.

2. Utalent Immersion Hand Blender

Runner up


Multipurpose, Ease of Use



Utalent Immersion Hand Blender

Utalent Immersion Hand Blender is not just a frother; it’s not designed to do one thing only. This machine here is designed to get you through lots of situations. The 5 in 1 nature makes it a kitchen appliance that you will always be using in your kitchen. Whether for smoothies, sauces, soup, or simply frothing the milk, it will come in handy.

So along with the handheld device, you also get different containers, an attachable whisk, and a frother. This way, you can simply switch it to any form and do the thing. Even a 500ml food chopper comes with it, which makes your kitchen stay even more accessible. Besides, it allows you to choose from 8 different speed settings, which give you more control over your chef skills.

The price of it is higher compared to other handheld frothers, but the fact is that this appliance here offers more than just being a frother. You can switch it for different tasks and even control the speeds is something interesting enough to buy it. Also, the milk wan for frothing you get here can give a nice texture to your milk, and so it is one of the best handheld milk frothers in 2022.

3. Zulay Original Milk Frother

A perfect choice for frothing


Easy to clean, Durable


Batteries are not included

Zulay Original Milk Frother

Coffee lovers are very sensitive about their coffee; they want a proper taste and other things at their best level. So this best handheld milk frother 2022 gives a professional finishing touch to your latte, cappuccino, macchiato, and hot chocolate. So ultimately, you can get the delicious foamy creamer for your drinks without having the need of a visit to Starbucks. You know your tastes best, and with the help of this milk frother, you can prepare the best latte according to personal preference. More, it supports you best if you get tired from manual matcha whisk. Whether you want matcha tea or there is your coffee time, you will just love this champion frother. In addition, it saves your time and energy to keep it clean with easy-to-clean features and is durable too. At last, it never demands a special place in your kitchen. It sits nicely next to other coffee accessories on the counter or table.

4. Elementi Milk Frother

Powerful milk frother


Fast and Powerful Motor, Lightweight and Extremely Portable, Easy to Operate and Clean


Batteries are not Included in the Package

Elementi Milk Frother

The Elementi Milk Frother is one of the cheapest appliances that will give you superb foamy milk. The design is stylish, and the black and red color certainly add to its aesthetics. In addition, the unit comes with a stand which is additional convenient. Hence, this best handheld milk frother is perfect for any user shopping who wants a high-quality device on a tight budget.

While talking about the construction, the whisk is durable and made of rust-free stainless steel. So, you can store it easily when not in use without getting rusty. The grip is ergonomic and soft touch which makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use. The Elementi milk frother motor has a powerful and high torque motor that creates special foam in under 45 seconds.

As the frother is battery operated, so you don’t need to plug it in a socket. Plus, it is lightweight, which makes it an excellent choice for travelers. However, it does not come with the 2 AA batteries; they are cheap and easy to get, so it should not be a big issue.

5. Café Casa Milk Frother

Efficient milk frother


Outstanding Build Quality, Quick and Efficient, Batteries Included


It is not Dishwasher Safe

Frothy Hand Mixer and Milk Frother

Are you looking for the best handheld milk frother 2022? Let’s dive straight into Frothy milk frother by Cafe Casa. Though the device is affordable, you get much more bang for your bucks than the competitors. The appliance has a stainless steel body, so durability is admirable. Plus, the handle is curved and has a sturdy, firm grip that will fit comfortably in your hand.

Frothy milk frother has two-speed settings that are 13000 and 15000 RPMs. The motor is powerful enough that you can use this device to whip cream as well. Also, the device is robust, and within 15-30 seconds, a spectacular froth will be ready to go. More, it runs on 2 AA batteries which is another excellent value for money.

The frother comes with its stand making it a great addition to any home barista’s kitchen countertop. Likewise, the cleaning is effortless, and all you have to do is just rinse it with water after use. Hence, if you want a long-lasting and efficient appliance, go for Frothy milk frother by Cafe Casa.

6. HELLO Milk Frother

Fast motor & effortless frothing


Double whisk head, Protection Sleeve


Not Dishwasher Safe

HELLO Milk Frother

If you search for the best handheld milk frother 2022, here comes a Hello milk frother for you. There is a compact design with just 3.98 ounces weight, so it can be easily adjusted in your hand. The plus point of this milk frother is that a frother stand and protection sleeve in the packing enables it to be adjusted on the countertop. The wand is also protected from all kinds of damages.

While discussing the design, its cool and stylish look just maintains the decorum of your kitchen counter when you place it there. Moreover, it is equipped with a powerful motor that can froth any kind of milk without wasting your time and effort. Also, there is a double whisk stand that provides you with frothing thicker milk in seconds.

Hello milk frother takes power from the batteries, so there is no need to find a place near the socket in the kitchen to operate it. Plus, there is a 100% money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer. However, you will never feel the need to return it, but if you have some issues, you can return it within one year.

7. 1Easylife H422 Stainless Steel Handheld

Stainless-steel milk frother


Fast Frothing, Versatile and very Easy to Clean, Affordable and comes with a Spoon


Consumes a Large Amount of Battery Life

1Easylife H422 Stainless Steel Handheld

The sleek and stylish milk frother by 1Easylife is the need of every kitchen. Talking about its weight, it measures just around 25 cm in length and 1.5 cm in diameter. It is very easy to store and carry around. Along with this, it is very versatile and offers a professional finish touch for your lattes, cappuccinos and chilled milkshakes. More, you will see a uniquely designed mixing spoon in the package, which is an additional pleasure.

The build material is stainless steel which makes it durable and free of dangerous chemicals. The best handheld milk frother is battery operated and requires 2 AA batteries. Once you have assembled it, just press the power button at the top and start frothing. Within just 20-30 seconds, you will have superb foamy milk.

Being a stainless steel device, 1Easylife H422 is very easy to clean as well. All you have to do is just place the rod under the running water and rinse it properly. Keep one thing in mind, do not immerse the handle into the water. Also, if you will rinse the device after every use, it can be functional for a longer period.

8. Aerolatte Handheld Milk Frother

A steam-free frother


Quick Frothing, Very Easy to Clean and Operate, Durable


Battery Drains in no Time

Aerolatte Handheld Milk Frother

The best handheld milk frother 2022 by Aerolatte may be a small device, but it has the power to give you outstanding foamy milk. Although it comes as a single piece, you can purchase the stand to make it easily accessible, and you don’t have to spend enough on that. Plus, it is available in five attractive colors: black, red, union jack, and cow print.

You will see a thick handle with a power button on one end, and on the other, there is a frothing head. The operation is effortless, and to make thick and creamy foam, just place the frothing head into a cup of milk. Now press the power button on the handle, and within 20-30 seconds, your foam is ready to go. Also, it is acceptable for a variety of milk types: skim, goat milk, almond, soy, and other non-dairy milk.

After you are done with frothing, immediately rinse the whisk end. But for better performance, you should clean it with warm soapy water every once in a while. Hence, if you are looking for a great device that will give you great foam for a great price, Aerolatte milk frother is the best and easy choice.

9. Nestpark Portable Drink Mixer and Milk Frother

Portable milk frother


Durable, Quick


Only one Whisk

Nestpark Portable Drink Mixer and Milk Frother

Nestpark Portable is a powerful mixer that you can mix any drink or froth milk for your coffee. This mixer here works nicely for all sorts of drinks and mixes the drink or milk with a good texture. Besides, it comes with a lifetime warranty which is even more of a reason to buy one.

How much power? The Nestpark portable revolves at 13000 rpm, which tells all about it. And with such speed, all you need is 30 seconds of mixing, and that’s it. And all this makes it even more of a travel companion which you can easily carry and use anywhere.

The whisk you get with this best handheld milk frother is a durable one, and so is the overall frother. Also, the ON/OFF button sits on top of the frother, which makes it easy to operate since you won’t accidentally touch the button while using it. And all this for only $14 truly is a good offer.

10. Silver Fork Milk Frother

Best milk frother for latte art


Sufficiently Powerful Motor, Well-made and Durable, Portable and Easy to Use


2 AA Batteries not Included

Milk Frother Handheld Coffee Art Set

Are you looking for the best handheld milk frother for bullet proof coffee? Here is the Silver Fork milk frother, which is portable and high-quality. The frothing head is made of stainless steel, and the handle is made of soft-touch ABS plastic. The button is at the side of the handle just above the Silver Fork logo, which is more convenient than the power button at the top.

Silver Fork milk frother is battery operated and requires 2 AA batteries; unfortunately, they are not included in the package. However, it is not a concerning issue. What you will love is that this device can work much longer than other battery-operated drink mixers. More, the appliance runs super quiet, and the powerful engine will give you creamy froth just in few seconds.

The frother comes with a convenient stand for easy storage. It also comes with a latte art kit, including a powder cocoa shaker and decorating stencils. This decorating set makes a beautiful gift to impress someone special. Besides, if you are not satisfied with the performance, the manufacturer gives you a money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are whisk attachments in milk frother replaceable?

Yes, you can replace the whisk attachments in milk frothers. What you have to do for this process? Check online stores; there are many attachments available there; pick the one compatible with the milk frother you are using.

How steamed and frothed milk are different from each other?

You will find steamed milk denser than the frothed one, and also it has less foam and bubbles. Moreover, there is a need for less milk to froth because the foam generated is double the volume.

Are handheld milk frothers are always available at a cheap price?

Yes, you will find almost all the handheld milk frothers at very low prices. As they are packed with fewer features, so you have to spend less peenies while buying them.

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