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we have compiled the list of some best espresso machines that works remarkably to brew a tasty cup of espresso for you. More, you will find a detailed buyer’s guide section below which helps you alot for choosing the right and best espresso machine 2023. Also, the espresso machine types are explained in detail so you can make a pick from them that best suits you. At last, for your piece of mind there are some faqs added which clears each and everything to you regarding the espresso machines.

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Most of you will be early birds and surely want to have a nice morning. And for that, a great shot of espresso is something that will make your mind relax and will make you more energetic to start your day. But to have an excellent shot of espresso in the morning or any time you wish, you need the best espresso machine at your home. Having the best rated espresso machine that comes with all bells and whistles will allow you to get the best espresso shot and coffee cup at home. Relatively costing you less and despite reaching out to any coffee shop.

Furthermore, you may be confused about how can you make an outstanding shot of espresso or latte at home? But don’t be confused because these new best espresso machines 2023 can brew a fantastic shot of espresso like the one at the coffee shop. These espresso machines have the latest features like a milk frother, double portafilter basket for double shot drinks, a steam wand, etc. That makes sure that you get the best shot of espresso, latte, or cappuccino at home.

Editor’s Choice

Breville Barista Express BES870XL- Editor's Choice

Breville BES870XL

Built-in Grinder


Philips 3200 Series EP322144 - Runner Up

Philips EP3221/44

Pre-infusion System
Easy to Use

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the Best Espresso Machine 2023

Everyone wants to have the best home espresso machine 2023 at their kitchen counter. Because it can make you a great shot of espresso without needing a lot of effort from you. Hence, if you want to make a good espresso at home or office, you need to buy the best espresso machine. But purchasing such an espresso machine, you also need to be aware of some factors and specifications of an espresso machine before buying it that helps make excellent espresso. That’s why we have explained some of the essential factors that you should look for in the best rated espresso machine.


The first and essential thing is how much bucks you can spend on getting the best espresso machine. But this depends on that which features you want in your new espresso machine because the features make it expensive and at the same time inexpensive. So, if you have got extra bucks in your pocket. Then go for such an espresso machine that comes with many features, offering you a great shot of espresso without any effort. However, if you are tight on budget, then go for a machine that comes with a limited set of features but still makes you a tasty espresso.

Intended Use

Another important thing that you should ask yourself is that you need an espresso machine for your family or just for yourself. If you are buying it for your family, then make sure to get your hands on it in such a sturdy machine and has enough capacity to serve your whole family. But if you just need it for yourself, buy an espresso machine that can serve 2-4 cups of espresso at a time. Further, if you have a busy schedule and don’t have enough time to prepare an espresso, then look for an automatic espresso machine.


The portafilter is one of the essential factors that need to be considered while you are in the market looking for the best espresso machine 2023. A portafilter consists of a filter basket that holds the ground espresso beans. Hot water flows through the ground beans in the portafilter. It thus helps in extracting the espresso flavor and aroma from the ground beans. So you will have a tasty shot of espresso. More, portafilters come in handy when you are using extra filter baskets or tamper.


Another aspect of being considered is the programmability feature of an espresso machine. If you are a lazy person who can’t get up early in the morning or have a tight schedule, then you need such a programmable espresso machine. The new automatic espresso machine lets you program a specific drink. And just with a push of a single button, it can brew you a hot shot of espresso in no time. Further, you can program this machine at night and will have a tasty espresso in the morning.


Most espresso machines come with a built-in grinder that allows you to grind the coffee beans directly before the brewing process. And you will have an aromatic shot of espresso without using a third-party grinder. Grinders are made of mainly two types of materials, ceramics and stainless steel. So, if you are buying the best home espresso machine, make sure that it has a built-in grinder. If possible, purchase that one whose grinder is ceramic because it offers perfect grinding. It also ensures that you get a tasty espresso without a burnt aftertaste.

Steam wand

The steam wand helps in steaming the milk for cappuccino and latte. It is either controlled by a button or a knob, which you turn to monitor the volume of steam passes to the milk through the wand. Therefore, if you want to fully enjoy the cup of espresso, then it is advised that your best home espresso machine 2023 has a steam wand.

Water Reservoir

Another essential factor is the water reservoir or the capacity of the espresso maker; how many cups of espresso it can make in a row? You will find different espresso machines offering different capacities, from 2 and 4 cups to 12 or 16 cups. It depends on the needs that will let you choose the best home espresso machine that better suits your needs.

Temperature Control

Among many other factors, the temperature of the water is a very essential factor if you want to have a great shot of espresso. Most of the espresso machines have a PID temperature control that allows you to fully control the temperature of the water. So, before buying the best espresso machine 2023, ensure that it has the temperature control feature.

Types of Espresso Machine

There are different types of espresso machines available in the market. Each type has its own pros and cons, which we will discuss in detail. Before choosing the best home espresso machine, you should also know which type of machine you want and which one better suits your needs.

Manual or Lever Espresso Machines

This type of espresso machine needs extra skill and practice. Suppose you are that skillful person and can control everything about your espresso shot. In that case, the manual espresso machine is for you. Because the manual espresso machine doesn’t do anything except brew a good shot of espresso. And you will manually do grinding, pushing water through the finely ground beans with the help of a lever, and frothing.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

These machines are a bit advanced than manual espresso machines. They use a pump to create the proper amount of pressure. Also, instead of a lever, they operate with a button or dial for automating the flow of water. More, you can also control the size of the espresso. So, suppose you don’t want to do everything in making a cup of coffee by yourself like in a manual espresso machine. In that case, a semi-automatic espresso machine is a perfect choice for you.

Automatic Espresso Machines

Automatic machines include the same features and brewing process as semi-automatic machines. But they also come with some extra features like automatically controlling the size of the espresso. Also, you can program the machine at night, and you will have a brewed coffee in the morning.

Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

Also known as a fully automatic espresso machine, and is more advanced than all other espresso machines. They are all about the one-touch operation. Apart from automation and programmable cup sizes, they can also measure and grind the beans, pull the shot, and froth the milk. Fully automatic espresso machines let you program your preferred coffee strength and milk frothing and select your programmed drink later. Hence, if you are lazy or don’t have time due to work but want the best espresso machine, quick and programmable. And at the same time, don’t lose the espresso quality; they are the way to go. But in the context of espresso quality, they don’t match with the manual or semi-automatic espresso machines.

Pod Espresso Machines

This type of espresso machine uses pods that are filled with pre-measured coffee to make espresso. They are the most convenient and compact espresso machines, but they don’t brew that quality espresso like the others. So, suppose you want to make a tradeoff of convenience over quality. In that case, a pod or capsule espresso machine is the best option for you.

Commercial Espresso Machines

The name says that they are specially designed for coffee shops, and you will barely see them in someone’s home. Commercial espresso machines are built to handle a high volume of espresso, and also they are costly. But if you still want this type of espresso machine for your home, some commercial espresso machines can also be used at home.


Best Espresso Machine 2023 Reviews

1. Breville Barista Express BES870XL

The best for years now

PROS: Efficient, Built-in Grinder, Programmable

CONS: Expensive

Breville Barista Express BES870XL Espresso Machine

Breville is a well-known coffee machine manufacturer, and you will be astonished when you get your hands on its Barista Express BES870XL espresso maker. Breville Barista Express offers tons of features and customizable controls. This allows brewing the best coffee and gives users complete control over the process of brewing. The best espresso machine 2023 comes with a built-in, conical burr grinder that lets you grind the fresh coffee beans and brew a perfect shot of espresso. You can easily control the size of coffee grounds with its grind size dial (offering 16 different settings) to obtain the kind of coffee you want. Also, with the grind amount button, you can select the amount of dose you want.

Barista Express is made of brushed stainless steel and is a bit taller and broader in size, so you have to consider your counter space for placing it. Further, it has a removable 67oz water reservoir which is enough to fill a few cups without regularly refilling it. On top of that, it has a charcoal filter for removing impurities from the water. More, Barista Express uses 15 bar pump pressure to make a great espresso every time. Also, the 8oz bean hopper is removable for easy refilling and cleaning. What makes it different from its competitors is the steam wand, hot water dispenser, and the heating plate on the top of the Express. You will rarely notice these features in other espresso machines. Furthermore, this programmable machine offers a single or double-shot depending on your mood. Hence, at this price range, you will not find any other feature-rich espresso machine like Barista Express BES870XL that brews fantastic espresso.

2. Philips 3200 Series EP3221/44

Best automatic espresso machine

PROS: Easy to Use, Built-in Ceramic Burr Grinder, Pre-infusion System

CONS: Some operations needs to be done manually on daily basis

Philips 3200 Series EP3221_44

Philips has taken the eco-system of espresso machines to the next level by introducing the 3200 Series fully automatic espresso machine. It is designed in such a way that you will be amazed by its aesthetics and build quality. Although the best rated espresso machine is made of plastic, no one can doubt its durability. Aside from its premium design, Philips 3200 Series brews an aromatic and quality shot of espresso. Apart from this, it can brew 3 other different drinks, including Americano, coffee, Espresso Lungo, with a touch of a button. And no one can question the quality of these drinks that the Philips 3200 Series brews. On top of that, the classic milk frother will add a creamy and smooth layer of milk froth to your cup of coffee, Americano, or espresso.

The touchscreen user interface or display is very user-friendly, and from there, you can select your favorite beverage. Its My Coffee Choice menu lets you adjust your preferred drink’s temperature, strength, and quantity. What more it offers is the built-in ceramic burr grinder that gives you the option of 12 adjustable settings for grinding the whole coffee beans. So that you can brew a perfect espresso shot or other drink full of aroma and flavor-rich. Plus, it gives you the option of using pre-ground coffee if you don’t have time for the grinding. Further, with its pre-infusion brewing system, it extracts more aroma and flavor from the ground coffee beans and, as a result, gives you a tasty espresso shot or coffee. More, the AquaClean water filter in the 61-ounce removable water reservoir ensures that you get an impurity-free beverage. Overall, the Philips 3200 series is all in 1 best espresso machine, and it’s hard to ignore a machine with such beautiful features.

3. De’Longhi EC155 Espresso Machine

Espresso Drink with DeLonghi Quality

PROS: Easy to Use, Affordable

CONS: Limited features

De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso

De’longhi has been a leading manufacturer for making every kind of coffee maker and espresso machine for home, personal, commercial, or automatic, super-automatic machines. There is no doubt that their machines are top of the line. And the same goes for its EC155 15 Bar espresso machine. Although it’s an entry-level, what makes it the best home espresso machine 2023 is its affordable price. Also, this espresso machine does not offer a lot of features like automatic or super-automatic machines. However, it comes with all the essential features that ensure that you get the best shot of espresso or cup of cappuccino or latte according to your taste. More, the cheap espresso machine has such a compact design and small footprint that it can easily be fitted in your kitchen countertop.

Furthermore, its pressurized system inside the portafilter, filter baskets, and 15 bar pump pressure ensures that it can brew you a quality espresso. That is way more aromatic and rich in flavor. As we have said earlier that De’longhi EC155 15 has fewer features. There is a knob on the front that can turn ON the boiler and for brewing espresso. Plus, there is another knob on the top, which you can use for the steam wand. Therefore, this espresso maker not only brews you espresso or cappuccino. But also frothing milk for your espresso or cup of latte so that you can fully enjoy it. Further, its dual filter holder lets you use either ground coffee or pods, depending on you which one you prefer the most. Hence, apart from its limited features, if you want a budget espresso machine that can brew tasty and flavorful espresso, then De’longhi EC155 is for you.

4. Flair Espresso Maker

A best manual espresso maker

PROS: Affordable, Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

CONS: Adjustment of multiple small parts

Flair Espresso Maker

Most of the time, folks for the sake of convenience, prefer automatic or semi-automatic espresso machines. No doubt, the automatic machine takes less brewing time when compared to that of the manual espresso maker. Still, true espresso enthusiasts would prefer to go with the lever espresso maker no matter how much time it takes. So, suppose you have the time to fully enjoy the handcrafting process of making espresso. In that case, Flair Espresso Maker is a perfect choice for you. The best home espresso machine is very durable as it is made of stainless steel and aluminum. At last, it’s designed in a way that everyone will fall in love with it while having it on the kitchen countertop.

In addition, Flair Espresso Maker offers a lever pressure of 6-10 bar. That’s why it can brew you a rich espresso by extracting all the flavor and aroma from the ground coffee beans. Further, making a shot of espresso by this manual machine is very easy. Just put 16-18 grams of ground coffee into the portafilter and place a shower screen on top of the portafilter. Next, add 60ml hot water to the pre-heated cylinder and insert the piston to the cylinder. Now place the group head (portafilter and cylinder) in the espresso machine and pull the lever with good pressure. In about 30-45 seconds, it will brew you a great espresso shot full of flavor with delicate crema. So, overall, Flair Espresso Maker is one of the best manual espresso makers that can brew barista-type espresso shots. Besides that, it is very affordable.

5. Gaggia Brera Super Automatic

Expensive though worth it

PROS: Pre-infusion, Built-in Grinder, Easy to Use

CONS: Not Programmable

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Brera is a super-automatic espresso machine, which is solely built for people who don’t have time for brewing espresso or coffee on their own. Also, it is very convenient, easy to use, time-saving, and brews a tasty and rich shot of espresso or any other drink. Talking about its design, Gaggia Brera looks stunning. In addition to this, it is very compact and has a small footprint, so placing it on your kitchen countertop or in your office won’t be an issue as it requires less space. Further, cleaning and maintaining the best espresso machine 2023 is straightforward. All those parts that need cleaning are on the front, and you can easily access them.

As we have earlier mentioned, this machine is very convenient and easy to use. Because you can control everything like the strength of espresso and single or double shots or cups from the control panel or LED screen. Once you have pre-programmed the machine, it can easily brew you a flavorful espresso with just a press of a single button. Moreover, the best espresso machine comes with a pre-infusion system and a steam wand. With the milk frother or steam wand, you can steam and froth milk for your cup of cappuccino or latte. Plus, it comes with a built-in ceramic burr grinder for grinding your fresh whole beans, and in about 26 seconds, it will brew you a rich and flavorful shot of espresso. But if you don’t have the time for grinding, then the Gaggia Brera offers you its bypass doser, which can be used for pre-ground coffee beans. The choice is yours. So, if you want a super-automatic espresso machine for your home or office, then don’t look elsewhere because Gaggia Brera is the best choice for you.

6. De’Longhi All-in-One Espresso machine

Perfect choice from De’Longhi

PROS: Dual heating system, Spill proof carafe

CONS: Bit pricey

De'Longhi All-in-One Combination Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine

If you are a coffee lover and addicted to espresso, too, this All-in-One espresso understands your needs better. The coffee drink you want, it will brew it for you in less time. Its dual heating system makes it possible for you to brew coffee or espresso simultaneously. More, with an Italian 15 bar pressure pump on this machine, you can enjoy the rich flavored and authentic espresso shot. The advanced steam wand adds some more fantasy for you here to enjoy the cappuccino. In addition, this espresso brewer works responsibly for you as per the digital timer, where you can set the time for a fresh morning brew. At last, your personal preference of flavor or aroma for a rich yet smooth coffee can also be customized with a bold setting function on this best espresso machine 2023.

7. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

3 in 1 espresso machine

PROS: Affordable, Great Design, Easy to Use and Clean

CONS: Less Water Capacity

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is one of the best 3 in 1 semi-automatic espresso machines. It not only brews a great shot of espresso but also allows you to brew cappuccino or latte. So, apart from espresso, if you are a cappuccino or latte lover, make sure you get your hands on Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista. More, the best home espresso machine 2023 is well and beautifully designed. And it has a small footprint, that’s why it will fit easily on the countertop without taking much place. Also, the durability of Mr. Coffee is on top as it is built of high-quality stainless steel and plastic. Furthermore, as it is a semi-automatic espresso maker, most of the work it does by itself, thus saving you extra time.

In addition, with its powerful 15 bar pump pressure, Mr. Coffee can brew such an espresso or other drink that is rich in taste and flavorful. Further, operating this machine is very easy because everything is on the front panel. With a press of a button, it will brew your desired beverage. Either you want a single or double shot of espresso, cappuccino, or latte, just press one of the buttons. On the other hand, the milk frother is automatic, that is another plus point of this superb machine. As a result, you are free from frothing milk for your cup of latte or cappuccino by yourself. Mr. Coffee Cafee Barista will not let you down for accessing and cleaning because the milk and water tanks are removable and can easily be refilled and cleaned. What makes it the best home espresso machine is its affordable price, so those who are low on budget can actually be benefitted from it.

8. Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe

Versatile espresso machine 2023

PROS: Inexpensive, Easy to Use, Brews Quality Espresso

CONS: Only Use VertuoPlus K-cup Pods

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe

De’longhi is famous for its coffee and espresso machines worldwide, and yeah, these machines are praiseworthy. Nespresso VertuoPlus is one of the most fantastic espresso machines that can brew quality and tasty espresso with the press of a button. The best espresso machine is a 2 in 1 as it also brews you a good cup of coffee. More, the machine is straightforward because it has only 1 button, and that is for brewing a delicious cup of coffee or espresso. You just have to press the button, and it will start brewing. Further, Nespresso VertuoPlus is a single-serve espresso maker. That’s why a large mug or small cup can easily fit, thereby adjusting the movable drip tray.

Talking about its design, the best home espresso machine 2023 is so compact that it can easily be fit anywhere on the countertop. Moreover, Nespresso VertuoPlus uses the K-cup vertuo plus capsules for brewing the espresso. Also, there is a disposable tank on the back of the machine where all the empty pods are stored; thus, cleaning VertuoPlus is effortless. More, the water reservoir has a capacity of 60 ounces, so you can make many cups of espresso at a time without refilling it. Plus, Nespresso VertuoPlus uses the right temperature so that you get a perfect shot of espresso with delicate crema on the top, which is way more aromatic and rich in taste. Finally, an espresso machine with such aesthetics and easy use won’t cost you a fortune because it is the least expensive one.

9. Breville Bambino BES500BSS

Stylish espresso machine

PROS: Automatic Milk Frother, Fast Brewing, Auto-cleaning

CONS: No Built-in Grinder

Breville BES500BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

Let’s look at another Breville espresso machine, the BES500BSS Bambino Plus, which comes with many features. Bambino Plus is affordable and brews you a barista-quality shot of espresso, which is way more intense in flavor and delicious. Designwise, the stainless steel casing makes it more durable and, at the same time, more beautiful. Also, this espresso maker will not take a lot of space on your kitchen countertop as it has a small footprint. More, the best espresso machine 2023 comes with a 64-ounce removable water tank, so it gives you the chance of making a lot of shots of espresso without refilling it from time to time.

In addition, brewing a tasty espresso on Bambino Plus is extremely easy because everything is there on the control panel. You can select a single or double shot of espresso, depending on your choice. With its thermojet heating system, Breville BES500BSS is ready to brew you a hot and sweet espresso in 3 seconds without compromising the quality and taste of the espresso. What makes it more admirable is the pre-infusion system and automatic milk frother. With the automatic milk frother, you can adjust the milk temperature and texture from the control panel. Thus you will have a velvety microfoam of milk on the top of your espresso. The best home espresso machine offers other notable features: digital temperature control (PID tech) and auto-cleaning and descaling. What else could you want from such a fantastic espresso maker?

10. De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM3300

Best with large brewing capacity

PROS: Programmable Control Panel, Easy to Use, High Capacity Water Tank

CONS: All Plastic Exterior

De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM3300

Magnifica ESAM3300 is a super-automatic espresso machine that comes with many bells and whistles regardless of its mid-range price. According to De’Longhi, you can become your own barista by having this espresso machine in your kitchen. It provides you with the freedom to make various espresso or other coffee drinks from espresso to latte. It offers just a perfect design, as the body is made of well-built and hard plastic. Hence, its durability is on top, and in addition, the silver color gives it an appealing look. Further, this lightweight machine weighs 23.2 pounds, has a cup warmer on top, and features an auto-shutoff that you can adjust from 15 minutes to 3 hours.

Furthermore, Magnifica ESAM3300 brews a flavor-riched barista-quality espresso shot, as per its stainless steel conical burrs that grind beans on your demand. Plus, the grinder comes with 7 grind settings which you can set according to your preference. And with its 8.8-oz beans hopper, you can make a lot of espresso shots and other drinks. Also, if you prefer pre-ground coffee, then you can use its bypass hopper. More, Magnifica ESAM3300 has a 60-oz water tank and dual thermoblock boilers. Further, a steam wand and milk frother create a rich and creamy froth on your drink. You can set the volume of the shot through the volume dial and control the brew strength through the brew-strength control dial, and both dials are located on the front panel. The control panel is relatively easy to use. From there, you can select and program the type of beverage you want, whether single or double shots. Hence, if you need a super-automatic espresso machine, then De’longhi Magnifica ESAM3300 should be your first choice.

11. De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM35020B

A plethora option of drinks

PROS: Programmable Control Panel, Easy to Use, Charcoal water Filter, Brews Iced Coffee

CONS: Pricey

De'Longhi Dinamica ECAM35020B

Dinamica ECAM35020B by De’Longhi is one of the best fully automatic espresso machines that offers many features. Although this espresso machine is expensive for the features and variety of drinks that you can brew on this machine, its price is totally justifiable. Espresso and Coffee drinkers will love this machine because it offers multiple brewing options, such as hot coffee cups, espresso shots, cappuccino, latte, or lungo. And the best feature that makes it different from other espresso brewers is that it can brew you a tasty cup of iced coffee. Further, it has a beautiful design and is built of high quality and sturdy plastic. More, Dinamica ECAM35020B has a pretty small footprint as its overall dimensions are 9.3 x 16.9 x 13.7 inches. That’s why it will not take a lot of space on your countertop.

In addition, the best espresso machine heats up in less than 40 seconds. Thus you don’t have to wait for a longer time for having your cup of espresso or iced coffee, and this is due to the 15 bar high-performance pump. More, this espresso maker has a 60-ounce removable water reservoir that has housed a charcoal water filter. As for the bean hopper, it is 11 ounces in size and offers 13 grind settings so that you can grind the beans according to your preference. Plus, if you don’t have time for grinding, you can use pre-ground espresso through the bypass doser, which is on top of the machine. Moreover, brewing your favorite beverage on this machine is easy because everything is on the front control panel. From there, you can set the brew strength, double or single shot of espresso, iced coffee, descaling, and other features with a touch of a button. Hence, this espresso machine can brew you a sweet, tasty, and flavour-rich cup of coffee or a shot of espresso. Besides, there is a pannarello wand for creating a rich and creamy froth on your drink while working as a steam wand. Another good feature of the machine is that it is programmable. Hence, if you have the budget, get your hands on this espresso machine to have a barista-type shot of espresso or cup of iced coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are espresso machines so expensive?

What includes espresso machines determines its price ideally. Automatic espresso machines are equipped with a grinder, group head, thermoblock, portafilters, etc. These components are built with quality materials which increases their price as well. Their exteriors are mainly made of brass, steel. Metal etc. Depending on the situation, some might use strong industrial plastic in internal parts and exterior. These espresso machines are meant to maintain stable temperatures, and for a reason, their build material carries great importance. The digital display is another factor affecting cost; it provides several options like adjusting temperature, pre-infusion delay, placement of filters, etc. The feature of controlling brewing temperature to enable users to control is also a key factor of espresso machines being this expensive.

How to clean an Espresso Machine?

Espresso machines include complicated compartments, and their individual cleaning can be really hectic for laymen. It’s perfectly said that cleanliness is half of the meal. You should always keep your espresso machines neat and clean to get the most out of them. Some basic steps that you can carry out to keep the machine maintained and clean is constantly wiping down the steam wand when it is used. Purging the steam wand and flushing the group head before and after using it should be your priority. Group heads need to be thoroughly clean via a full backflush. Coffee grounds stuck there might affect your final taste.

What is the best bar pressure for espresso machines?

Pressure is what makes espresso different from other kinds of coffee. It’s solely the pressure that brings significant richness and crema in espresso shots. A bar is a unit that is used to measure pressure in espresso machines. Experts recommended that an espresso be finely ground, and nine bars of pressure is ideal for getting a tasty espresso shot.

What are Espresso’s different types?

Espresso drink owns different types based on mainly beans amount and water sometimes. Let’s have a look at different types of espresso.
Americano: This type of espresso includes an espresso shot diluted with hot water for filling the cup.
Standard espresso: This traditional drink requires 1:15 to 1:2 coffee in grams or 35ml to 45ml in size.
Ristretto: When it comes to brewing Ristretto, a 1:1 to 1:1.5 ratio is required, and even the more concentrated espresso version can be used.
Lungo: It’s something in between standard and americano; it ranges from 90ml to 120ml.

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