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Best Coffee Grinder Under 50 in 2020: (Cheap Coffee Grinders for Home)

Having a coffee grinder at home is way better than buying ground coffee. A coffee grinder has an important role in brewing the best cup of coffee. In fact, even a good coffee maker will be of no use if your grinder is not good. Now among coffee grinders, you can always find some which are affordable, such as the best coffee grinder under 50.

You should invest a good amount in a grinder, just the way you do for a coffee maker. However, if you are tight on budget then you can also go for a cheap one. You just need to make sure that it is the best one in the lot. But before jumping into what these best coffee grinders under 50 are, let’s get to know about a grinder in detail. There are several things about a coffee grinder that you need to know and it has several types that can really affect your coffee based on what type you have.

5 Best Coffee Grinders Under $50 in 2020

Coffee GrinderTypePrice
Chefman Coffee GrinderElectric Burr
Proctor Silex Fresh GrindElectric Blade
Cuisinart DBM-8FR SupremeElectric Burr
Hario Ceramic Coffee MillManual Burr
KRUPS GVX212 Coffee GrinderElectric Burr

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Types of Coffee Grinders

A coffee grinder can be divided into many categories based on several factors. Mainly, three different categories are good enough for you to decide which coffee grinder you will go for. The three categories we will be talk about are burr vs. blade, conical vs. flat and lastly manual vs. electric. Let’s have a look at the differences and get to know what you will be needing the most.

Blade vs. Burr Coffee Grinder

Talking about how a coffee grinder grinds the coffee beans for you, it can be of two types. The first is a blade and the other one is a burr.

A blade coffee grinder has a sharp blade in it. It is the same as blenders which you must have seen or even used one. They are fast at grinding your coffee beans and even cost less compared to burr grinders. But they come with certain drawbacks due to which the majority of the people do not prefer them. So, the bad side to a blade grinder is that it is unable to provide you an even grind. The size of your coffee grounds will never be the same, this makes the coffee grounds hard to be used for things like espresso or french press etc. Also, the blade heats up when you use it and there are chances that your coffee when brewed, will taste as if it is burnt. And lastly, in a blade grinder, you get no option for controlling the grind size. Your coffee beans will be unevenly ground and the size won’t be in your control rather how the manufacturer has placed the blade.

On the other hand, burr coffee grinders are widely used. People love them for many reasons, despite the fact that they are expensive compared to blade grinders and they grind the beans slowly, in some cases over a minute. But it has certain advantages which make it people’s favorite. First and foremost, the size of your ground coffee will always be consistent. You get to control the size, and whichever size you select, your coffee grounds will always be evenly sized. This also means that you could use coffee grounds from a burr grinder for many things like french press, espresso machines or even cold brew.

Manual vs. Electric Coffee Grinder

Perhaps you know that a coffee grinder can be found in both forms i.e. electric or manual. Both of these are used by people and they have their own pros and cons. Let’s dig into how they differ and what perks you get from each of them.

The thing with manual grinders is that they are lightweight, small and you can easily disassemble it and place it anywhere in a drawer or something. Plus, using them is very simple, you just have to rotate the handle of it using your hand. But this means it requires a lot of muscle work. This leads to the point that using a manual coffee maker for yourself is a good idea, but if you have to prepare coffee for more people then it can get tiresome. Finally, as an obvious thing, they will always cost less compared to electric because they have no motors or digital screens in them.

Now about electric coffee grinders, firstly they are easy to use, there is no hard work involved. You simply add your coffee beans and it does the rest. Additionally, they are fast compared to manual grinders, you will always get the coffee grounds ready in under a minute. And they also allow you to control the grind size on a much detailed level. Another good thing in an electric coffee grinder is that some of them come with an integrated digital scale which helps you grind the exact amount every time, for a consistent brewing. However, they will always cost more compared to the manual.

Flat vs. Conical Grinder

A burr inside any coffee grinder will be either of the two types, conical or flat. Generally, there is no difference which we would see with the naked eye in the coffee grounds. But when it comes to specialists and experienced coffee people, they tend to be choosy about the type of burr.

The difference between them is very vague, some say that a conical burr will have much even ground size compared to a flat one. Other argue about the factor that adjusting and setting up a conical burr is easier compared to a flat one. Everything aside, most of the times you will hear that you should be going for a conical burr. But being honest, the fact that you own a burr grinder and not a blade grinder is enough to be happy and enjoy your coffee, you should be least worried if the burr of your grinder is conical or flat.

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Best Coffee Grinder under 50 (Reviews)

1. Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr

PROS: Fancy Design, 17 Grind Settings, Amount Control

CONS: Finest grind size not recommended

Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr

The reason Chefman RJ44-A2 tops the list of best burr grinder under 50 is that it is a complete package. From design straight down to the coffee grounds you get, it is perfect. And despite all the good things it still costs you below 50 bucks, this is what makes it one of the best among cheap coffee grinders. OK now speaking of the design, it comes in full black and has a nice glossy finish. Which makes it suitable to be placed anywhere at your home or even workplace. It is compact in nature, which makes it occupy less space and really is a good view when placed on a counter top.

Starting from the top, as always is the bean hopper. But unlike many others, it does not stick out of the machine rather fixed inside it as a whole. It has a lid which is very easy to open and you can add your beans there. The amount of coffee beans you can add here is 8 ounces which will produce enough coffee grounds to be used for 10 – 12 cups. Just below the hopper on the front, rests the amount control button, this is where you can choose how much beans do you want to grind. You can go for anything between 2 to 12 cups, this really is a handy feature. On the left of this coffee grinder is another knob, more of a scrolling wheel. Using this you can adjust the grind size and amazingly, it gets you to choose among 17 different grind settings. And just below the amount control knob comes the power button, it’s a one-touch system, press it and the grinding process begins.

Its container at the bottom is rather fancy as well, you will be able to see the coffee grounds in it because it is transparent. Besides, it is a good view when half-filled with the grounds. Now speaking of the burr used inside for grinding, it actually is a good one. It is most of the times able to avoid overheating which is useful when you grind lots of beans at once. And the grind results are good too, your coffee grounds will always be the same size you have selected, there won’t be any uneven particles. However, using the finest grind setting may allow certain particles to just drop even when they are not ready to be added to the grounds. Now, all these good things for just 50 bucks is what really makes Chefman RJ44-A2 Coffee Grinder one of the best.

2. Proctor Silex Fresh Grind

PROS: Portable, Retractable Cord, Safety Power Button

CONS: Slides when in use, Blade Grinder, No Grind Size Control

Proctor Silex Fresh Grind

Proctor Silex is a very handy grinder, not only for coffee but anything which you would like to grind like spices etc. It does not have much to offer in terms of customization but the reason it makes it to the top 5 is that it is a very handy one. You can literally hold it in one hand, wrap it up easily and carry it with you anywhere. It comes with steel blades and not a burr, but for something so cheap and useful, who cares if it is not a burr. Realizing that your coffee grounds will be uneven, let’s look into what good things it has to offer.

Design wise, it is lightweight, portable and pretty basic. All it has is the lid which you put on the top, the machine itself and a cord which is retractable. So, remove the lid, put in the coffee beans, put the lid back on and then there is a safety button which you have to keep pressed unless the grinding is done. Once done with grinding, you can hold the machine in one hand and rotate the lid clockwise using the other hand, this will roll back the cord on the inside. This feature makes it pretty neat where there is no mess of wires and cords everywhere. Moreover, you will be able to add around 8 tablespoons of coffee beans into it which roughly equals 8 ounces. This means that Proctor Silex Coffee Grinder is able to get you enough grounds for 10 – 12 cups of coffee each time.

Overall, it has a very minimal design compared to other grinders and grinds your beans quickly. However on the bad side as mentioned above you do not get to do any customization at all. But it’s a good one to carry around if you are the type of person who always want his/her coffee from freshly ground beans.

3. Cuisinart DBM-8FR Supreme Grind

PROS: Powerful Grinding, Easy to Use

CONS: Unusual Design, Occupies Space

Cuisinart DBM-8FR Supreme Grind

Cuisinart DBM-8FR Burr Grinder is a pretty powerful machine when it comes to the precision of the grind size and the amount you want to grind. However, it lacks an aesthetic design. It has a pretty unusual design having a conical bean hopper at the top and then a separate extension of the body to the front where you place the ground coffee chamber. It comes in all silver color and will surely ask for some extra space in your kitchen.

So at the top lies a bean hopper which is a cone in shape and is totally removable. It can accommodate up to half a pound of beans, and the burr inside it is a rather powerful one. Just below the hopper, you will be able to see two big circular dials. The upper one which is black in color is used to choose grind size, you can go for anything between fine to coarse from left to right. The second dial below it, which is silver in color, is used for selecting the amount of beans you would like this grinder to grind for you. Here you can choose between 4 to 18 cups, and it will grind the exact same amount.

Finally, the chamber at the lower front where the coffee grounds drop is a transparent one. It is very easy to remove or put it back in place. So, as mentioned earlier, you might not like the design of this burr coffee grinder but it is powerful and accurate alongside being the best home coffee grinder under 50.

4. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

PROS: Grind Size Control, Ceramic Burr, Easy to Use

CONS: Changing grind size requires unscrewing

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

Among manual coffee grinders, Hario Ceramic is the most popular one. It has a slightly high price, almost equal to electric coffee grinders but for people who like using a manual coffee grinder, this one is the best option. Speaking of its parts first, it has a glass container where the ground coffee is stored and on top of it you have to place the burr which comes enclosed in a rubber plastic which is durable and a firm handle for you you to grind the beans. The glass container also has a rubber base which makes sure the grinder does not move or slide a lot when you do the grinding. And you also get a rubber cap for the container in case you want to remove the grinder and place it somewhere else.

The burr used in it is a ceramic one which means it does good grinding and also has a long life. Ceramic burrs are always preferred over steel ones. The good thing which you won’t expect it to do is that you can alter the grind size to some extent. It is not easy as if pressing some button or rotating a dial. Here is how to do it, at the very center on top of the burr there is a screw which you will have to remove. Below the screw is a collar which acts as a locker for the grind size, this needs to be removed too. And below the collar is a scrolling wheel with. By rotating it, you will able to see the movement of the burr towards or away from the edges of it. Closer means a fin grind and more space would mean coarse grind.

So there it is, a manual coffee grinder under $50 which is very easy to use and even lets you alter the grind size. Also, because it is a manual one, the whole grinding process will take time, something like 7 – 8 minutes, but it is a good exercise to do. Finally, an important thing to know is that the glass container can store up to 100 grams for coffee grounds at once. And on the bad side, because there is no scale mechanism in it, every time you want to brew yourself some coffee, you will have to use an external case or some spoon which you use usually to measure the coffee grounds.

5. KRUPS GVX212 Coffee Grinder

PROS: Compact Design, 17 Grind Settings

CONS: Expensive among under 50

KRUPS GVX212 Coffee Grinder

KRUPS GVX212 is a compact coffee grinder which takes very little space in your kitchen and looks good too. It comes in all black having a silver button, has a glossy finish and is a really good one to include in your kitchen accessories. The reason it falls back to a lower position is that among coffee grinders under 50 it is the costly one of them all. Other than this reason, it is a nice coffee grinder where you get to do customization and grind the beans to your perfections.

On the top is the beans hopper which sticks out of the lower body and you can see the beans in it from the outside. It also has a marking that tells you that the hopper if filled till max capacity. You can add 8 ounces of beans in it which equals half a pound. On the top front, at the center is the power button and below this is the know where you get to select the amount of beans you would like to grind. You can choose anywhere between 2 to 12 cups. So you don’t have to grind all the beans you have added, you can only grind the amount you are in need of. On the left side, there is another knob that lets you control the grind size. You can go from 1 to 17 (fine to coarse) depending on what you need your beans for. The grinder actually adjusts to the size you choose and your ground coffee comes out in the exact same texture you would love.

The lower chamber where ground coffee is kept is a relatively large one, had it been smaller the machine would have been more fancy looking. Anyway, this chamber is easily removable and you can very easily put it back in place too. Finally, the settings you set i.e. cup size and grind size are nicely precise giving you more control over the cup of coffee you will brew later on.

Freshly ground coffee is always better compared to pre-ground coffee. This is why you should have a personal coffee grinder at home. And among them, those having lower prices are a good option if you are tight on budget. They will work the same as some expensive coffee grinders, the only thing they lack is a lower number of customization settings. Besides, they do not have additional features like a built-in digital scale etc. Other than this, they will work just fine. So, good luck with finding yourself the best budget coffee grinder.

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