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Besides getting to know some of the most suitable grinders for cold brew, you will also get a chance to better understand how to choose any grinder for this purpose. And some established facts that will blow your mind. This article conveys interesting facts regarding cold brew, which comprises what cold brew actually means and how it is different from Iced coffee. More it includes info about why cold brew can prove to be good for you, and last but not least, the best way to brew cold coffee at home.

If you’re a cold brew coffee lover, then you probably know the value of freshly grounded coffee beans. In fact, it’s the main reason for a rich and delicious cup of cold coffee. Who would like to have a cup of coffee brewed from the grounded coffee that has a week passed on it? Right? Some coffee makers come with a grinder. Yet, some are free from it. If this is the case, putting your hands on the best coffee grinder for cold brew would be a great idea.

Of course, you would prefer a coffee grinder which can save your time and money. At the same time, it must be a type of coffee grinder that does not ruin your cold coffee taste. Here on the list, we have the most convenient and best coffee grinders for a cold brew, and without any doubt, they can do much better for you in the long run.

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Editor’s Choice

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso Infinity

16 Grind settings
Futuristic design
Single dial control


Breville Smart Pro

Breville Smart Pro

60 Grind settings
Great design
Convenient features

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder for Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee does not require any specific grinder, but surely, it needs a particular grind called coarse grind. That’s why, when you are purchasing a grinder, make sure that it offers accurate coarse grind settings. Below, we have discussed certain features of a grinder that will definitely lead you towards the best coffee grinder for cold brew.

Say No to Blade Grinders

When it comes to cold brew coffee, there are two reasons for avoiding the blade grinders, even though they are less expensive than burr grinders.

First, blade coffee grinders do not grind but chop the beans; thus, the grounds will be inconsistent with different sizes. Hence, some ground will under-extract while others will over-extract. As you know that cold brew coffee has a long steep time. That’s why the coffee will taste differently because of the over and under extraction of coffee grounds.

Secondly, blade grinders produce more heat during grinding, which results in a burnt flavor of the coffee. Wherein cold brew that is made without any heat, this undesirable taste is particularly noticeable.

Hence, buy a burr coffee grinder, whether electric or manual, instead of a blade coffee grinder for making a delicious cold brew coffee.

Manual or Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

When purchasing a burr coffee grinder, you first have to decide whether a manual or electric burr grinder suits your needs as both offer different features.

Manual coffee grinders require a bit of effort, take a little longer to grind, and have small capacities, but they are less expensive and last longer. The good thing about a manual coffee grinder is that you can easily and fastly coarse grind, perfect for cold brew coffee. Apart from this, a manual grinder is excellent for traveling and camping as they don’t need a power supply.

As for electric burr grinders, they are expensive but are way faster and easy to operate. With a touch of a button, it grinds a perfect ground coffee. Also, if you want to brew up big batches of cold brew coffee, then an automatic coffee grinder is a good choice for you.

Ceramic or Steel Burr Grinder

The burrs of the coffee grinder are either made of ceramic or steel. Both ceramic and steel burr grinders significantly affect the grinding mechanism and also the flavors of the coffee.

Ceramic burrs are tough by nature and work for long terms without getting dull. However, ceramic is delicate and can crack if you drop it. More, ceramic does not conduct heat. That’s why these burrs produce less heat while grinding; thus, you don’t have to worry about the flavor of the coffee.

Steel burrs are hard and sharper, but they get dull after some time. As these are steel burrs, they produce heat during grinding but don’t have a considerable effect on the flavor of the coffee.

Prioritize A Good Coarse Grind

The best grind size for cold brew coffee is the coarse grind because of the long steeping process. But if you go with a fine grind, the resulting coffee will be over-extracted and very muddy. Aside from this, most of the high-end burr grinders come with multiple grind settings, which is not much important when selecting a grinder for cold brew coffee. But if you want a multi-purpose grinder, then a grinder with multiple grind settings would be an excellent option.

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Best Coffee Grinders For Cold Brew 2022

1. Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Best burr coffee grinder


Futuristic design, 16 Grind Settings, A single dial control



Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder isn’t coming slowly with its futuristic design, well-built quality, newly designed grinding blade, and easy-to-use functions. It’s a fully organized grinder with the coffee beans compartment on the top alongside the burr blade. Whereas the grounded coffee is stored in a container located right below the dial. Whereas most of the built material is a high-quality plastic that can last for years.

Moreover, it’s the best coffee burr grinder that comes with 16 simple grinding settings that don’t require any rocket science to interact with. There’s a dial on top of the grounded coffee container, which is marked clearly. All you need to do is turn and select the grinding function you like, and you’re good to go. There’s a timer which neither represents the seconds nor the weight. However, you can use it as a standard for evaluations. It’s not recommended to even use the timer while grinding.

The specialty of the Capresso Infinity is the electric burr grinder that comes within the package at an affordable price. Whereas, unlike other small burr grinders, it’s a less noisy one. In addition, the grinder isn’t that consistent as expected. The burr blade grinds the coffee beans uneven, resulting in the coffee having a slightly bitter taste. On top of that, its dimensions make it a small coffee grinder for a cold brew which isn’t going to take much of the space on your kitchen’s countertop.

2. OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Durable grinder by OXO


Great design, 15 different settings, Single touch grinding process


Takes time to grind the finest grounds

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO has always been a whale in the home appliances game. Whereas, this time, we have the OXO BREW, which is well built and comes with the best possible features that you can imagine, all under the budget of $100. Whereas the beauty of this best coffee grinder for cold brew 2022 speaks for itself. Same as the OXO 9 cup coffee maker, the grinder comes with a single dial alongside a start button at the center. It’s a single-touch process to grind the coffee beans with the OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder.

The OXO Brew features conical burrs, which have a size of 0.04-meter. Whereas grinds the coffee beans evenly and gives you the most refined taste on each cup of coffee that you brew. Moreover, the coffee bean compartment can store 0.70lbs of coffee beans. Whereas the grounds container has a storage capacity of approximately 112 grams, enough for brewing a large amount of coffee.

As for the setting, the OXO brew grinder comes with 15 different settings that are easy to operate. Whereas there isn’t any LED screen to monitor the grind time. The OXO brew has the power to grind any type of coffee beans more powdery without having little chunks of coffee. On the other hand, this coffee grinder for cold brew is easy to clean. However, never use water to clean it as it’ll ruin your grinder. Instead, use any dry material to clean it.

3. Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder

A steel burr grinder


High-quality built material, 12 grind settings, Attractive design


No convenient features except a single button

Bodum Bistro Grinder

Yet another burr grinder on the list, the Bodum Bistro, is introducing itself with some attractive looks and is ready to enter your home grinding zone. The number of fine grind settings and fancy looks at an affordable price might convince your kitchen’s countertop to hold the Bodum Bistro for years. Whereas the final results of the ground beans leave the high-end coffee grinders for cold brew speechless.

Apart from the black, the Bodum Bistro is available in many colors, making it look like a completely different home coffee grinder. On the other hand, the grinder is 7.6 x 7.1 x 12.5 inches in dimensions and weighs 4.6 pounds. Whereas there’s a single button beside the coffee grounds compartment excluding the LED display and timer. Moreover, it features stainless steel burrs that can grind the coffee beans evenly.

Unlike the Baratza Encore, the Bodum Bistro comes with 12 different grind settings, allowing you to switch between the coffee machines and french press. Whereas the coffee beans compartment has more capacity by holding up to 218 grams of beans. In addition, we have the pre-set timer, which is an excellent feature for choosing the specific amount of coffee beans to grind, preventing the coffee from going to waste. Furthermore, the grinder is easy to clean in a dishwasher, maintaining its quality.

4. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

A portable grinder


Sturdy design, 40 grind settings, Simple to operate


Slow, No LED and Time indicator

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore has always been a great burr coffee grinder, crushing the coffee beans in 40 different styles giving it a uniform size and good texture. Whereas it’s an easy job to operate this sturdy and nicely built coffee grinder. However, it’s more on the luxury side, having the price tag of 140 bucks, presenting itself as more convenient and reliable than other best coffee grinders for cold brew.

There are a few kitchen appliances on the market that earned the SCA’s certificate. Whereas the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is of those few. Moreover, the 13.3″ x 5.5″ x 6.3″ dimensions on Baratza Encore make it a perfect-sized grinder for your kitchen’s slung wall cabinet. And also won’t occupy much of your countertop space. Whereas it’s a little on the heavy side with a weight of 6.83 pounds.

As for the grinding takes a little longer to grind the coffee beans with the Baratza Encore. Whereas it’s simply way process to operate the grinder. All you need to do is to set the setting on which you want to grind the coffee beans with the circular dial on the left, and you’re good to go. On top of that, the beans compartment can store the coffee beans, which are enough for a whole jar of coffee.

5. KRUPS Precision Grinder

Powerful burr grinder


Customizable grind, Large capacity, Easy to clean


Not at all

KRUPS Precision Grinder

Another best coffee beans grinder by KRUPS is here. What a user demands from a grinder after investing in it other than a coffee maker, a well ground and ready to brew beans for various beverages. So this candidate is the right one for all of this, let’s look. It works with a flat metallic burr, so you have complete control over the grind size, and the final results are just perfect for flavorful and rich coffee. If you need fine grind for espresso or coarse for French press is on-demand, the 12 grind fitness settings do this all for you. While talking about the quantity, almost 2 to 12 cups get ready for a brew in one iteration. An auto-stop feature stops the operation when the quantity reaches the desired level. At last, maintenance is very simple; there is a removable burr top with a pre-installed cleaning brush for easy cleaning.

6. Breville Smart Pro

Offers multiple grind settings


Upto 60 grind settings, Convenient features, Fast, Great design


A little expensive for the features that it offers

Breville Smart Pro

This is probably the most high-end and best coffee grinder for cold brew yet one of the most expensive ones holding a price tag of $190. The Breville BCG820BSSXL has all the features that you can imagine. The Breville Smart Pro stands out from many cheap coffee grinders. It fills up a gap in the kitchen appliances market, from a wide display that can let you know everything about the grinding process to the three buttons to choose different settings.

The grinder can grind the coffee beans with 60 different settings, maintaining the heat not to dry up the coffee beans. Whereas it requires 165 watts of power to grind the beans in less interval of time. On top of that, it’s one of the fastest grinders, taking less time to fill up the grounds container. Moreover, it’s quieter and smooth featuring 40mm of burrs. Apart from that, the bean container has a capacity of 18 ounces.

As for the use, the grinder has a wide LCD screen that can tell you about the time and quantity. Whereas, below that, there are three different buttons for choosing the grind setting and time. However, the controls are not clearly marked. Instead of figuring out everything on your own, using the user manual can be a great relief. Apart from this best coffee grinder for cold brew doesn’t require a clean-up more often. However, cleaning the Breville BCG820BSSXL after a weak one would be a great idea to keep everything in balance.

7. Hario Skerton Plus

Best manual coffee grinder


Strongly built, Burr stabilizing plate, Grind Size Control, Ceramic Burr, Less expensive


Changing grind size requires unscrewing

Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill

The Skerton Plus by Hario is an upgraded model of the original Skerton manual coffee grinder. Skerton Plus is one of the best manual grinders that offers multiple grind settings despite its simple design. This grinder is composed of two components; the hopper and the jar. Also, the grinder is quite durable because the hopper and its lid are made of hard plastic, the hand crank and grind gears are of stainless steel, while the jar is made of glass with a rubber bottom. Moreover, its ceramic conical burrs ensure a constant, precise, and uniform grind, which is more than necessary for a tasty and flavorful coffee. The best manual coffee grinder is the grinding shaft and burr stabilization plate that helps make the grind even more uniform. The important feature of this grinder is that it lets you adjust the coarseness of the grind. Apart from this, Skerton Plus is portable, very easy to use, and clean. Hence, if you want a manual coffee grinder that is cheap and comes with great features, then Skerton Plus is an outstanding choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from grinding the coffee beans or brewing the coffee, different types of cold coffee can change your life once and for all. That said, first, let’s find out that what is a cold brew coffee.

What is a Cold Brew Coffee?

When you hear the word “cold,” I am sure you’re not imagining some hot steaming cup of coffee as the cold brew coffee is an entirely different thing. Instead of fully heated water, the cold coffee is brewed with cold water. Whereas it’s really a long process making the cold brew coffee. Usually, it takes over 13 hours to extract the flavors from the grounded beans steeped in the cold water. The taste is where the cold coffee makes all the difference. In the case of hot coffee, you might experience some bitter taste with some acidity involved. The cold brew coffee is nothing like that, giving you a delicious taste. The acidity is removed to some extent.

Difference Between Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Coffee

If you’re confused between cold brew coffee and iced coffee, let me make this clear to you. The iced coffee basically involves hot water. The process usually includes the pouring of hot water directly over the ice. Whereas the cold brew coffee doesn’t contain any hot water but is purely made with cold water. Whereas the iced coffee has a delicate taste because of the melted ice, the cold brew coffee has no bitter taste. It is thicker due to more quantity of chocolate.

What are the Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee?

Apart from the fantastic taste, the cold brew coffee also has a health benefit. So it’s a win-win situation. You’re getting a delicious cup of coffee, and at the same time, it’ll also take care of your health. That said, let me reveal some of the health benefits of cold brew coffee.

  • The cold brew coffee is good for people with stomach problems due to its low acidic nature and smooth taste.
  • It might sound silly. But the cold brew coffee can extend your life because it contains anti-oxidants, lowers dementia risk, and is a great drink for burning fats.
  • It also has anti-aging properties, which are really helpful in protecting the skin against the chemicals that might cause injuries.
  • Cold brew coffee is a blood booster. This means it can increase your blood flow which will cause your brain to work sharply.
  • The cold brew coffee also decreases the risk of cancer.

How To Make a Cold Brew Coffee at Home?

Before we jump into the procedure, here are a few of the things that you must have before making a delicious cup of cold brew coffee:

You must have: 8 cups of water, around 24 grams coffee beans, coffee grinder, two 3 Quart jars, cheesecloth, stainer(small one).

How to Brew?

Step 1: Before you do anything, make sure you grind the coffee beans evenly by setting the coffee grinder at coarsest. Depending on the coffee grinder’s capacity, you can divide the coffee beans into batches and grind them as per your needs.

Step 2: Pour the grounded coffee beans into the jar. Make sure the ratio of ground in the water is 1:8.

Step 3: Now here comes the blending part. All you have to do is stir the jar gently for 1 minute to make a good mixture.

Step 4: Here comes the hard part. You have to steep the mixture for 12 hours. Just to let you know, the steeping time wouldn’t make any difference whether you leave the mixture at the countertop of your kitchen or put it in the refrigerator.

Step 5: The next thing you need to do is to pour the cold brew coffee into a jar using the stainer and place it in a refrigerator for a week.

Step 6: Enjoy your cold brew coffee with ice, milk, or water.

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