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You will be able to get yourself familiarized with role of beans in brewing a delicious espresso shot. We have added a detailed buyer’s guide including all key information along with most common question regarding beans. Questions includes what espresso beans are best for you keeping origin and region in perspective? What roast style is best for brewing espresso? Go through the article and pick best beans to enjoy one fine cup of espresso.

Starting a dull and tiresome day with a perfect shot of espresso must be a dream of many coffee lovers. You can’t rely on or expect a delicious espresso cup from low-quality beans. When brewed for espresso, the coffee beans give a maximum of around 12% coffee in a single cup compared to that of a coffee cup with only 2% of dissolved coffee. By this, it is pretty clear that the espresso cup is highly saturated with coffee. Still, only the best espresso beans can let you enjoy the aroma of the drink. So now, you are well aware of the role that plays a quality bean in brewing espresso.

Editor’s Choice

Best Coffee Bean for Espresso Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse Beans

Great Flavor
Certified Organic


Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Koffee Kult Dark

Low Acid Levels
No Bitterness
Smooth and 100% Arabica

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Buyer’s Guide

How to Pick the Best Espresso Beans

The general rules of buying beans for espresso are as follows. When you are in the market, keep them in mind, and get the right product.

Go for Quality Beans Only
The first and most important rule is to buy only quality beans. Average or poor-quality beans don’t have good taste. Plus, quality coffee is picked when it is fully ripened and then stored manually to get rid of bad beans.

Look for Fresh Beans
Only buy such beans which are freshly roasted, especially when buying from a small roaster. On the other hand, when purchasing from a large roaster, you should know how they package the beans. In addition, look for the expiration date; even if the beans were vacuum-packed, you should not buy them if they are on the shelf for a longer time.

Buy in Small Quantities
Make a habit that you always buy beans in small quantities because if you buy too much, it will be in your store for longer and thus lose the natural taste. In addition, always buy whole beans, but before that, you should have some expertise in grinding to get the perfect grind for espresso. However, if you can’t grind beans by yourself, then go for pre-ground.

Know About the Roaster
There is nothing wrong with experimentation, and you can always try a new roaster. However, keep in mind that you should know enough about the roaster. You have some references from the coffee lovers around you. In the case of local roasters, look at the way they store roasted beans. It is necessary because the taste may disappoint you if the beans are freshly roasted but are not stored correctly.

Know the Origin of the Beans
The last thing you should keep in mind is knowing where the coffee comes from because if you don’t know the origin, it may be of poor quality. In simple words, Arabica is one of the best espresso coffee, and espresso made from it is pleasurable. Plus, 5 to 15 percent of Robusta beans in a blend will give more crema to your espresso shot.

What is Best Espresso Coffee?

First and foremost, classic espresso uses dark roast beans for the perfect taste; if not, then at least medium dark roast beans. You might ask why specifically to go for dark or medium-dark roast beans; there is a huge story behind this. With a lower extraction temperature, espresso tends to make coffee slightly sourer; to deal with this, dark roast beans are preferred. Most of the time – roasters to cut down the overall cost – uses inexpensive beans; you need to be very careful if you want espresso to taste better.

Tips to Get the Best Out of Espresso Beans

Apart from having a quality espresso machine, below are some of the key tips mentioned in order to get most of the beans.

Use a Fine Grind
To get a tasty espresso shot, make sure that you use a fine grind, and that is what the espresso machines require. Using a fine grind leads to reimbursement for low brewing temperature, balancing the taste with fast extraction.

Clue for a Fine Grind
Things aren’t this straight and simple; some geeks might get confused about how well-grounded beans are essential for admirable espresso. Also, there isn’t any rocket science included in this; all you need to do is keep an eye on crema, which you can witness on the top of your espresso cup. If the crema is thin or comprises huge bubbles, it means that the beans are not finely ground. You can get pre-ground coffee from anywhere, but it isn’t an optimal way to go with it, but yes, of course still better than too coarse grind. For manual and super-automatic espresso machines, Lavazza offers the finest quality pre-ground coffee beans. Geeks with not much grinding expertise can go for those pre-grounded coffee beans.

Sufficient Tamping
Tamping basket plays a vital role and contributes a lot to the final espresso shot you get. Once you get a fine grind, ensure that you are adequately tamping the basket to run water efficiently from the puck while pulling a shot. To ensure that the grinds are closely packed and adequately extracted, at least 30 pounds of pressure will be required.

The pre-infusion feature depends on the espresso machine type, that whether it’s super-automatic or manual. You can’t expect a manual espresso machine to offer you a pre-infusion feature. Pre-infusion actually wets the ground coffee to pull out CO2 stored in them before the brewing cycle starts. The Pre-infusion helps grinds to swell and makes extraction efficient.

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Best Espresso Beans 2022

1. Kicking Horse Coffee Bean

Editor’s choice


Sweet-scented, Great Flavor, Certified Organic


Beans Seem to be too Dry

Best Coffee Bean for Espresso Kicking Horse Coffee

The first thing that would catch your attention about Kicking Horse Coffee Bean is its pure black color packaging. The origin of kicking horse is Africa central & south America and in Indonesia. The coffee beans are legitimate and reliable; all the origin places are evidence of these two things. Moreover, the dark, deep, and tasty roast coffee is carried out below the huge Canadian rocky mountains. The kicking horse coffee beans will give you endless cocoa and fruit taste. Actually, they are ideal because of the mixture of brown sugar, black currant flavor, and milk chocolate. So such a combination brings a full coffee flavor with a little bit of bitter and sweet taste.

2. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Delicious dark roast beans


Low Acid Levels, No Bitterness, Smooth and 100% Arabica


A Bit Expensive

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Koffee Kult is one of the most well-renowned coffee enthusiasts providing other coffee lovers with quality Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans. To get your day started with immense power and energy, all you have to do is mix beans with hot water or milk and enjoy the aroma. Most of the time, it is observed that beans with oil aren’t so good for health. The Koffee Kult dark roast beans are oil-free with no health risk. These best coffee beans for espresso makers are initially found in Sumatra, Colombia, and Guatemala. Koffee Kult Dark roast beans provide smooth and tasty coffee with no bitter taste. If you want anything in your life that minimizes laziness, don’t look further, Koffee Kult Coffee beans are perfect to go with.

3. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean

Caffeinated medium roast beans


High-quality Italian Beans , Mild and Smooth Fruity Taste, Airtight and Premium Package


Be Careful if You are Sensitive to Caffeine

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean

Are you sorting out things for the best Lavazza espresso beans? So you are at the right place; super crema whole beans will give the perfect espresso shot that you will definitely feel obsessed with. These beans are originally formed in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia and blended and roasted in Italy. Italy is so famous for espresso and thus so correctly called Italy’s pride. These beans are medium roast with a creamy notation of almond and modest dried fruit along with honey. The Lavazza super crema whole beans are made with 20 percent of Robusta beans and 80 percent of Arabica. Although the Robusta beans slightly increase acidity but also gives more crema to the brew.

4. Medaglia D’Oro Espresso beans

Italian roast ground espresso


Dark roast, 100% Arabica


Too strong

Medaglia D'Oro - best espresso beans

Italian roast is preferred by strong espresso lovers, who have much work to awake all night. Medaglia D’Oro has been serving espresso beans since 1924, have a look at its ready to brew Italian roast ground espresso beans. With its real aroma, strong taste, and 100% arabica flavor, your final brewed espresso cup will just love. The package includes a 10 oz canister to fulfill your espresso drink needs with better taste and flavor to a better time. At last, if you are looking for the best espresso beans 2022 that are specially roasted in espresso-style under the best brand’s supervision, Medaglia D’Oro Espresso beans best suits you.

5. Verena Street Espresso Beans

A certified Arabica espresso beans


Rainforest Alliance Certification, Very Rich Flavor, Roasted in Small Batches


Coffee Becomes Weak if too much Water Added

Verena Street Espresso Bean

Verena Street Espresso Beans are known as one of the best coffee beans for espresso and so well praised by coffee enthusiasts all over the globe. Love towards Verena Street beans is because of their taste and combination of unique flavors. The first sip will let you witness one of the finest coffee experiences ever. Despite being much roasted, the beans also give a smooth taste. These beans are roasted and packed by an independent family (Iowa) in Dubuque. The best coffee beans for espresso comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms which are well recognized in this field around the globe. The reliability and authenticity are further acknowledged by Kosher certification.

6. Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast

Starbukcs espresso quality


Caramel Notes, Best Standards



Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast

There’s no companion of Starbucks when it comes to taste and overall coffee experience. Starbucks and Coffee are two parallel things strongly coupled together. Starbucks espresso dark roast beans are grown sustainably, perhaps with more originality regarding taste, than other brands on the list. The beans here are darkly roasted; the beans here are further mixed with caramelized sugar and molasses to bring a richer taste with a caramel touch. You need to be careful while roasting the beans with keeping flavor, aroma, and acidity in perspective. Starbuck’s beans are perfect to go with if you need beans to give you a tasty espresso shot.

7. Peet’s Coffee Espresso Forte

Perfect beans for bold taste


Smooth Crema, Hazelnut Notes, Bag Comes with Roasting Dates


May be Mild for Some Espresso Lovers

Alfred Peet came with his own roast coffee beans in 1966. This revolution in the coffee ecosystem was brought firstly in Berkeley and then in California. The topmost priority of Peet’s beans was to bring freshness to espresso, which was missing in many other cases. These Best coffee for espresso brought a new definition to the method of preparation. The Peet’s beans put a bold taste into espresso with a strong overall shape. The taste is further boosted by crema, which makes it more ideal for espresso. Peet’s beans here are intended for the espresso shots but can also work for the French press.

8. Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee

Classic Italian espresso taste


100% Arabica Beans, Fresh and Roasted in Small Batches, Low Acidity


Not as Strong as other Espresso Beans

Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee

Cafe Don Pablo beans are owned by a family company that bringing new definitions to preparing a recipe for the best espresso coffee beans. Cafe Don Pablo beans take slightly more time than others on the list, but that is because of the caramelization of sugar to make the taste more bold and intensive. With rich shade, the said beans are formed at high altitudes and on volcanic soil. This product is more special because of the tone that is obtained because of volcanic land. The bean’s taste and shape quite a lot resembles dark chocolate with a mildly earthy tone. The beans are perfect for French press as well, apart from the ideal espresso shot.

9. Stumptown Coffee Roasters Whole Bean

Champ delicious coffee beans bag


Blended Whole Beans, Balanced and Sweet Taste, Cherry Notes


Costly Compare to other Whole Beans

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Whole Bean

Stumptown coffee roaster whole beans are best for espresso just because of the unique proportional composition of ingredients. You will get addicted to coffee after a single sip of these top-rated beans; a balanced, bold, and delicious final espresso shot will leave you shocked. These light roast caramel taste beans can be stored for longer terms without worrying about their flavor changing. The bean’s HQ (Headquarters) is in Portland, and they have been known for years for serving quality coffee. Apart from espresso, the Stumptown coffee roaster whole beans are ideal for all brewing methods.

10. Lavazza Espresso Italiano

Authentic Italian blended


100% Arabica, Rich-bodied


Pricey Blend

Lavazza Espresso Italiano

Let’s check out this tasty pack of espresso beans for a perfect espresso shot. These Lavazza espresso beans are specially roasted and blended in Italy. Although it is a pricey blend, but once you have a tasty cup of espresso in your hand, spending some extra amount on it is worth it for you. More, it’s preferable for espresso but can also be used in any coffee maker. While talking about the quantity you will get a pack of 4 8-Oz cans but the packaging may vary. Overall, these are the best espresso beans having awesome properties such as 100% Arabica, rich bodied dark roasted with delicious fragrant flavor, and also aromatic notes.

11. JO Espresso

Gluten free pure beans


USDA Certified, Clean Food Certification, Fair Trade Product Certification


Roasting Date is not Mentioned on the Bag

JO Espresso

These days, people are more attracted to organic foods. Why not have a coffee with some organic food touch. Being 100% Arabica-class dark roasted, Jo Espresso beans are the best espresso beans to bring an excellent coffee experience. The coffee is made more pleasurable with a touch of dark chocolate and the aroma of crema. These beans are 100% pure and all-natural with no preservatives added. Jo Espresso beans are more unique because of their taste, perfection, and evenness. If you are tight on budget and still want to have beans that bring real chocolate feelings, Jo Espresso beans are perfect to go with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you clear other ambiguities regarding beans.

Which Coffee Beans are best for Espresso? By Origin? By region?

There are two perspectives to this question; first, what regions are famous for quality espresso beans? Second, why are single-origin beans more preferred than blends? Speaking about the first, African coffee beans are well famous for their unique fruity flavors and energetic acidity. African origins like Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees are considered one of the best beans for espresso because of their citrus and natural flavors.

Next, Indonesian coffee beans are specifically ideal for those who love bold and earthy flavors. From light to dark roast, South American beans are made for espresso lovers to have a more smooth and nutty flavor in their espresso shots. Last but not least, Central American beans like Costa Rica Coffee, EI Salvador, etc., are also greatly praised around the globe for their acidic and bright tastes.

Speaking about the second part, Single-origin refers to unblended beans, which means all the beans directly come from a single region. Blends refer to a mixture of beans from different regions. Single-origin beans are preferred by dedicated coffee drinkers to gain full access to natural notes and pure taste with no additional preservatives. Blended beans are prepared by the roaster, keeping different acidity levels and flavors in perspective. They are more ideal for making milk-based drinks like cappuccinos etc.

Can I use regular coffee beans for espresso?

Obviously, yes, a tasty Espresso shot can be prepared using any type of coffee beans, may it be Sumatra, Kenya AA, Kona, or a blend such a My Espresso. The above coffee bean on the list can be roasted to any degree for different espresso tastes.

Which Roast style is best for Espresso?

Beans roast style greatly affects the final taste of your espresso. Roast type is categorized into three different categories, each stated below with key points.

Light Roast

Light roast coffee beans for espresso are fresh & light bodied with vibrant aromas, and brings most unique flavors.

  • Acidity level: High
  • Body: Light
  • Flavor: Diverse, fruity and floral
  • Aroma: Vibrant, Diverse

Medium Roast

Medium roast beans are slightly different from light roast when it comes to flavor and taste. These beans are still diverse with flavor but smooth because of caramelized sugar inside the beans, that gives a final taste similar to honey and caramel.

  • Acidity level: Medium
  • Body: Medium
  • Flavor: Rich & Diverse
  • Aroma: Smoother & Sweeter

Dark Roast

Dark roast coffee beans falls slightly short when it comes to different unique flavors, but provides enough richness and purity. These beans shares deep dark chocolate, woodiness, and spicy flavors.

  • Acidity level: Low
  • Body: Heavy
  • Flavor: Earthy, Deep & rich, chocolate, woodiness
  • Aroma: Soothing & Dark

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