Best Blade Coffee Grinder in 2022: guide and faqs

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You will know how a blade coffee grinder is different than a burr grinder and if you should prefer a blade grinder over a burr mill. We have listed some of the most popular blade coffee grinders which include both premium and budget options. Besides, a number of factors are put together which will allow you to wisely choose a blade coffee grinder. A little forethought is always needed whenever you choose to buy something new and we have put together all the details for your careful consideration.

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Technivorm Moccamaster 49312 blade grinder for editor pick

Technivorm Moccamaster

Grind Quality


Secura Electric Coffee Grinder for editor pick

Secura Electric

Build Quality
Grind Quality

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the Best Blade Grinder

Deciding to switch from pre-ground coffee to freshly grinding the beans yourself is an awesome step. Now that you are ready to buy a coffee grinder, you would either have to go for a burr grinder or a blade. Since here we are only focusing on blade coffee grinders, so we will talk about only that. Anyway, there is a lot of difference between these two which we have explained in the section below this buyer’s guide.


The capacity of your nest best blade coffee grinder is something you should be aware of. By capacity, we are referring to the number of beans the grinder can grin in once go. This is directly related to the container size of the grinder you are using. There is no specific number for capacity, instead, it depends on how many coffee grounds do you need in one go. It could be as low as one serving or multiple servings if you own a 10 or 12 cup coffee maker.


Blade coffee grinders are usually budget-friendly compared to burr grinders, this is thoroughly discussed in the section below this. Anyway, blade grinders are almost always the same shape and most of the time are made of stainless steel. And because there is not a lot of variation in types available which makes them affordable. The only reason some blade grinders are expensive is that they either come from popular manufacturers which assure quality or they might have some features like size adjustment etc. So a blade coffee grinder from $20 to $50 would be considered affordable. And those bearing a price tag above $50 and up to $100 are expensive but they may have certain features which makes them good.


The majority of the blade coffee grinders are fit for multi-purpose use. You could use them for grinding spices or other things. This is not a recommended thing since the taste of coffee and spices is mixed no matter how hard you clean it. However, if you still want to use the same grinder for multiple purposes then you have to make sure that the blade grinder you buy is not just for coffee but for other uses as well.

The Lid

You will either see a transparent lid or an opaque lid, there is no other way around. The former is always a better option because you are able to see the whole process and you can decide when to shut off the grinder. On the other hand, a covered lid is OK but you will need to stop the grinder and check until you reach you desired grind level. Just so you know grinders with a transparent lid might cost a few more bucks compared to those with a covered lid.

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Best Blade Coffee Grinders in 2022

1. Technivorm Moccamaster 49312 KM4 TT Grinder

premium blade coffee grinder


Simplicity, Grind Quality, Durability



Technivorm Moccamaster 49312 KM4 TT Grinder

Blade coffee grinders are not usually expensive, but this one is. This is because the Technivorm Moccamaster 49312 despite being a blade grinder, grinds coffee beans as effectively as a burr grinder can do. Besides, it comes bearing an elegant design which truly makes it stand out in your kitchen or elsewhere. Unlike other blade grinders, it does not chop and grind in the same container, instead pours the ground coffee into another container and filters it first. This way uniformity of the grind is kept because any irregular or large particles are left out while filtering. The bean hopper of this best blade coffee grinder can hold 14oz of whole beans which is a lot even for brewing more than a large carafe.

2. Secura Electric Coffee Grinder

best multipurpose blade grinder


Speed, Easy to clean, Grind Quality


high speed may damage beans, Expensive

Secura Electric Coffee Grinder

For a grinder so compact, Secura Electric does wonders. Built with high-quality stainless steel inside out, this grinder is efficient for quick and effective results. The grinder comes with two different chopper blades inside two separate stainless-steel containers one of which is for grinding and the other for chopping. One of these grinds the beans very fine which you can use in a drip coffee maker and the other one does a coarse grind which is perfect for French Press or other similar methods. Besides, though not recommended because of flavor mixing it is totally suitable for grinding other items like spices and nuts.

3. Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder

durable coffee grinder


Affordable, Grind Capacity, Measuring mechanism, Interlocking system


Average Grind Quality

Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder

Cuisinart is well known for its coffee makers and grinders as well. In fact, you will fin appliances from Cuisinart in most top lists related to coffee. This blade coffee grinder stainless steel gives it nice looks and makes it a durable one as well. The bowl of it can hold up to 90 grams of beans which makes it possible for you to grind enough for around 18 cups which is more than the standard carafe that comes with most coffee brewers. In addition to this, you get cord storage in it which rids you from all sorts of mess on your countertop.

4. Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder

portable blade coffee grinder


Compact, Efficient


No Grind Size adjustment

Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder

For a blade coffee grinder just above $20, this one by Bodum BISTRO is an amazing option to go for. Not only is this machine efficient but is portable in nature and so once can easy use it anywhere. It comes with a transparent lid that allows you to see the grinding process of coffee beans in real-time. This way you can easily decide when you desired grind size is reached and stop it just then. The power button of enables you to either go for pulse action or simple chitinous action. This is how you get more control over the grind size of your coffee grounds. As for its capacity, you can grind coffee beans as much as enough for 8 servings in one go.

5. Hamilton Beach Electric Blade Grinder

affordable blade grinder


Quiet, Multipurpose (Coffee/Spices)


No Size Adjustment

Hamilton Beach Electric Blade Grinder

Next among the best blade coffee grinder reviews we have one from Hamilton Beach. This brand you might know is well known for its coffee makers because of their speed and precision. Same is the case with this one, it’s a 4.5oz coffee grinder which you can use for grinding spices too. The number of coffee beans it can grind in one go are more than enough for around 12 servings. Furthermore, the blades on the inside are stainless steel which makes sure the grinder is durable and delivers good grinding results. The lid of it is transparent which is good for seeing what is happening to the coffee beans in real-time. And it comes with its own little section for cord storage.

6. KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder

heavy duty motor blade grinder


transparent lid, affordable



KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder

KitchenAid BCG111ER is a portable coffee grinder which you can either use anywhere at home or simply carry it in your luggage wherever you go. That said, there are no doubt about the way this grinder performs. It grinds efficiently and that too quickly. Its 4-ounce capacity is what makes it a good one for those who live alone of maybes do not consume a lot of coffee. Also, it is a budget option and so becomes one of the best coffee grinders among blade grinders. You can get it in either red or silver color, both of these come with a transparent lid which itself a nice option to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blade Coffee Grinder FAQs

Can I use a blade coffee grinder for other purposes?

Yes, you can. Any blade coffee grinder is a simple machine with a blade inside it. This can be used for grinding spices or any other dry food. However, using the same grinder for everything is not a recommended practice. When you grind spices in any grinder and then use it for grinding coffee beans, it will always leave some traces of spiced which you, later on, feel in your coffee when you drink it. So for a good cup of coffee make sure you have a separate grinder which you use for grinding coffee beans only.

How to clean a blade grinder?

Cleaning a blade grinder is pretty simple. All you have to do is make sure all the coffee grounds are removed after you use them. This can be done with bare hands or maybe use a food brush. Once the grounds are removes, just rinse them under tap water. Or you could go for a more sophisticated method that will clean your grinder even better. It is the same method as above, but before you go rinse the grinder you only have to add some rice to the grinder, grind it until fine powder and remove it before rinsing.

How a blade grinder works?

It’s a pretty simple mechanism. All you will see is a blade in the center of the container, the blade is propeller-like in shape. This blade revolves at high speed and chops anything that comes it way (in this case coffee beans), as a result you get ground coffee which you can use in any coffee maker and brew yourself a cup of coffee.

Is height of the blade important?

The height of the blade inside a coffee grinder is crucial. Normally, a coffee bean is somewhere near 9mm in length. Now, the blade height is over 10 or 11mm, this might leave a whole bean below it and might not chop the bean the way it was supposed to. In most cases, blade grinder do not come with too much height between the blade and base of the container and those added in our reviews above would not cause this issue.

What is the difference between a manual and electric blade grinder?

In simple words, a manual grinder is operated by a human hand whereas an electric grinder will require electric power to move its blade at high speed. But when you get into the details, a manual grinder is usually cheap but requires hard work when you move the lever for grinding beans. On the other hand, an electric grinder requires no hard work and quickly grinds the beans but costs more than a manual blade coffee grinder.

What is the difference between a Burr & Blade Grinder?

When speaking of coffee grinders, the two main mechanisms used are either a burr or a blade. Both of these come with a different operating mechanism, quality of grind, and their price as well. It is pretty obvious that a burr grinder is far better than a blade grinder because of the uniformity in size and the flavor is kept intact.

Moreover, the burr grinder is more of a standard grinder because of all its quality. However, when it comes to price, there is a huge difference between the two. Burr grinders are far more expensive because of the burr mill inside them, their large size, and a separate room for whole beans and ground coffee. On the other hand, a blade grinder is cheap and most of the time does the grinding in the same container where you put whole beans. In short, if you are after quality then there is no second opinion about going for a burr grinder and if budget is a constraint for you then you will have to go for a blade grinder which will still do the work and grind the coffee beans for you.

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